10 Justice Society of America Heroes From The Comics We Hope To See In “Black Adam”

Long before the Justice League or the Avengers, there was the Justice Society of America – the world’s first superhero team. First teaming up in 1940, the JSA was made up of some of the greatest heroes from the Golden Age of comics, and they started a legacy that continues to this day.

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With the JSA set to make their big screen debut opposite Dwayne Johnson in black adam, it’s natural to wonder which members of the team’s extensive roster will make an appearance. While Dr Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone already confirmed, it’s likely that at least a few more heroes will appear.

Black Canary – Like Mother, Like Daughter

black canary

Yes, we have already seen a version of this character in Birds of prey (2020), and Jurnee Smollet is set to reprise her role in a upcoming solo movie. However, there have been several Canaries in the comics, with the original being Dinah Drake, who was a member of the JSA.

There’s a somewhat convoluted history with the Canaries, but the simplified version is that Drake’s daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, was the second heroine to take up the mantle. Since this is the version of the character that Smollett plays, it would be a treat to see his mother or even his grandmother appear as a member of the JSA, rocking the character’s signature look.


Wildcat – A brawler with a heart of gold

Wild cat

Ted Grant is a heavyweight boxing champion who dons a suit to become the vigilante known as Wildcat. He’s your typical common man, except for his magic set of nine lives, which give him accelerated healing and even the ability to come back from the dead. However, his greatest fame comes from training several superheroes in the art of boxing, most notably Black Canary.

It would be interesting to see this veteran heavyweight make an appearance opposite Black Adam, perhaps placing him as a teacher for Dinah Lance in this Black Canary solo film.


With Aldis Hodge set to play Hawkman in the film, it would make perfect sense for his eternal love and crime-fighting partner to appear as well. The Hawks have some of the most convoluted backstories in the world of comics, but they’re usually reincarnated Egyptian lovers, alien cops, or a combination of the two.

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Hawkwoman is a powerful and popular character in her own right, often surpassing her beloved and endearing herself to an entire generation of fans thanks to the Justice League animated series. She even became a core member of the league in their latest comic book series, so it’s high time for her to spread her wings on the big screen.

Johnny Thunder – The Accidental Superhero

Johnny Thunder

He may have started out as a joke character, but Johnny Thunder can pack a serious punch. Kidnapped as a child, he was given control of an all-powerful genie-like entity called Thunderbolt to help the fictional nation of Badhnesia take over the world. However, Johnny managed to escape to America, where he used the Thunderbolt to accidentally get into all sorts of trouble, including joining the JSA.

With his unique origin story and comedic potential, he would be unlike your typical movie superhero. Additionally, the reality-distorting nature of the Thunderbolt would make him a tough but unique adversary for Black Adam.

The Flash / Jay Garrick – Back to the First Flash

the flash
DC Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, Running.

Yes, there’s already a Flash in the DCEU, but Barry Allen isn’t the only Flash in the DC Universe. Jay Garrick was the first to hold this position, since 1940 before becoming a founding member of the JSA.

It was a meeting between him and Barry that first introduced the idea of ​​the DC multiverse back in the 50s. It would be a real treat to see the veteran speedster introduced to the movie world, and even potentially meet his younger counterpart. After all, it’s made for big hit on The CW’s Flash TV show.

Red Tornado / “Ma” Hunkel – Not Your Typical Hero

red tornado
Golden Age DC Hero, Red Tornado, aka “Ma Hunkel”.

As it is already confirmed that Quintessa Swindell will play Cyclone in black adam, it would make sense for its grandma, the original Red Tornado, to make an appearance. This version of Red Tornado was Abigail “Ma” Hunkel, an older woman who took to the streets in a homemade costume (with a cooking pot on her head) to fight crime in her neighborhood.

Although she was originally a parody character, over the years she has become firmly tied to the JSA, either as an honorary member or as guardian of their seat. It would be nice to see her show up to demonstrate that there is no age to be a hero.

The Atom/Al Pratt – The little guy who packs a big punch

DC’s Golden Age superhero, The Atom/Al Pratt.

The original hero to take the name Atom, Al Pratt was a tiny young man who trained to be a conditioned fighter to compensate for his small size. He later developed powers as well, including super strength and agility, and a radioactive punch.

In the comics, Pratt is the godfather of Albert Rothstein, aka Atom Smasher, who has already been confirmed for the black adam movie played by Noah Centineo. Since legacy and intergenerational relationships are big themes in modern JSA stories, it would be nice to see Pratt appear as a veteran hero, guiding his godson on his heroic journey.

Hourman – The man of the hour


Rex Tyler was a gifted chemist who developed a drug called Miraclo, which could give him exceptional strength and speed for an hour. Administering this drug via an hourglass he wore around his neck, Tyler became Hourman, one of the founding members of the JSA.

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The time-sensitive nature of her powers could provide great opportunities for suspense in a big-screen appearance. Additionally, a Hourman Solo Movie would be in development, so an appearance in black adam could be a great way to introduce the character to the public, before his first solo outing.

The Specter – The original spirit of revenge


Spirit of vengeance and embodiment of God’s wrath, the Specter is one of the most powerful supernatural forces in the DC Universe. The original and best-known version of the character is Jim Corrigan, a Gotham City cop who was killed by criminals, only to have his soul sent back to Earth to pass judgment on humanity’s most despicable criminals.

He was a founding member of the JSA and over the years has been involved in many important events, such as the landmark history, Crisis on Infinite Earths. With both Dr. Fate and Black Adam himself being strong magic users, the appearance of the Specter would take things to a whole new level.

Green Lantern/Alan Scott – Lord of the Ring

The Green Lantern

For those who only know the 2011 The Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds or one of the character’s many animated appearances, you might be surprised to know that the original Green Lantern was a little different. This character, Alan Scott, was not a space cop like Hal Jordan and the other members of the Green Lantern Corps. Instead, her ring’s power came from a magical force called Starheart.

Donning a red and green costume, including a cape, Scott became a crime fighter and founding member of the JSA. With actor Jeremy Irvin rumored to play Scott in the future The Green Lantern HBO Max series, it would be nice to see him make a surprise appearance here alongside his JSA comrades.

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