5 best Vex counters in League of Legends

League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends patch 11.19 goes live on Wednesday, September 22 and with it should be the highly anticipated Vex. Vex is the new confirmed champion of Riot Game, a dark yordle mage. With the release of this new and unique champion, questions like “How do I beat Vex?” Here’s the answer, with the top five Vex counters listed below.

LeBlanc appears to be one of Vex’s toughest showdowns. While Vex has a stronger fear of dashes, LeBlanc can dance around Vex with her multiple blinks while still retaining the ability to harass and shoot her with a jerk if she gets too close.

Kassadin is a classic anti-mage and Vex is no exception. Vex primarily deals magic damage and Kassadin’s built-in magic shield and mobility make him a great counterattack to Vex. Much like LeBlanc, after level six, Kassadin should have enough mobility in his kit to ensure that his fear doesn’t prevent him from coming.

Zed is a choice that inspires fear in any standing mage. Vex will surely get even darker if she sees Zed in the same lane as her. AD Assassins are traditionally strong against Mages, and Zed has the strong potential of one-hit Vex once he gets his Mythic Ultimate item. In this match, he’ll need Mercury Steps since Vex has his fear, but until she gets Zhonya’s hourglass, Zed still has the advantage.

Lucian behaves against Vex in the same way as Zed, which makes him another powerful counter to Vex. He’ll also need Mercury Treads as he has a short dash, but ultimately his playstyle should dominate Vex at all stages of the game.

Most tanks and murderers will probably do well against Vex, especially if they don’t have a dash that will mark them for fear of Vex. Bonus points if they also crowd control. Some examples are Malphite, Shen and Nasus.

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