5 must-have Patek Philippe watches for the ultimate collector

For the ultimate Patek-Philippe watch collector, asking for his favorite from his entire collection is like asking a parent who he loves the most among his children. This question does not always get a specific answer, mainly because each Patek piece boasts of unique qualities and features that set them apart from the rest.

Whether you are already an inveterate collector yourself or are looking for something valuable to start collecting soon, here are 5 must-haves Patek-Philippe worthy watches to add to your collection:

1. Aquanaut, Ref. 5168G

The Aquanaut is the best watch for someone who wants a more utilitarian feel. It’s the more casual alternative to the dressier pieces of Patek-Philippe. Introduced in 1997 taking inspiration from the Nautilus, another Patek icon, Aquanaut has a rounded octagonal case, polished and chamfered edges, and vertical flats with a satin finish.

However, what sets it apart from the Nautilus is its simpler three-piece design which eliminates the need for right and left hinges. It also continues to guarantee water resistance to a depth of 120 meters.

The Aquanaut has a Tropical rubber strap made from a new composite material that can exceptionally withstand UV rays, salt water and wear. This watch also boasts of extreme durability which combines sporty appeal with all the classic qualities of the others. Patek-Philippe watches, making it an ideal choice for new collectors.

Aquanaute, Ref. 5168G was launched to mark the 20th of the rangeand anniversary with a white gold case and a superb gradient dial going from blue to black. It has a diameter of 42.2mm and is the largest Aquanaut you can currently find.

2. Nautilus, Ref. 5711

5 must-have Patek Philippe watches for the ultimate collector

If men of the 1950s admired Marilyn Monroe, Patek-Philippe Nautilus 5711 is the ultimate desire of every modern man today. It’s in such demand that there’s a long list of people lining up to get their hands on it.

This is a beautiful watch made to perfection, offering exceptional wearability and striking the balance between dressy and sporty. Nautilus 5711 was deployed by the brand during its 30and anniversary in 2006, a modern update of their former Nautilus 3700, with a graceful fusion of contemporary styling and historic details.

The 5711 became a real sensation in watchmaking as it changed the rules of the secondary market where this continues to receive a substantial premium over retail. The piece is considered one of the most desirable timepieces in the world which has captured the interest of the entire Nautilus family.

However, the real appeal of the 5711 for Patek in love is more than its price. It’s an ideal everyday watch that represents everything Patek in these modern times.

3. First Ladies Chronograph, Ref. 7071

5 must-have Patek Philippe watches for the ultimate collector

Patek got a nice surprise for fans and collectors in 2009 when they released a new model out of the blue. Baptized Ladies First Chronograph, ref. 7071 is the descendant of the legendary chronograph caliber created exclusively in 1986 by New Lemania for Patek-Philippe.

The fact that the firm chose to feature its first-ever all-in-house classic chronograph movement in a ladies’ watch sparked an industry discussion about how to attract female customers. The chronograph movement featured manual winding, horizontal clutch, column wheel.

From then on, the CH 29-535 PS movement continued to be used in subsequent men’s and women’s timepieces in their collection.

But more than that, the luxurious beauty of the model is simply undeniable. Cushion-shaped cases are wonderful, and that’s how Patek approached their first in-house chronograph movement. They didn’t just pay homage to the female clientele as, at the same time, they also decided to house it in a stunning cushion-shaped gold case.

4. Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970P

5 must-have Patek Philippe watches for the ultimate collector

When it comes to holy grail watches, you probably won’t find anything holier than the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5970, the ultimate ancestor of all grand complications.

The 5970 is the direct descendant of the iconic references 2499 and 1518 from Patek-Philippe and is highly prized by collectors thanks to its 40mm case diameter and exceptionally balanced proportions. Featuring sophisticated stepped lugs and square pushers, the 5970 blends contemporary styling with the classic roots of its esteemed vintage models.

Introduced in 2004 with a production run that only lasted 7 years, the 590 was the brand’s last perpetual calendar chronograph that used a highly improved outsourced movement, an admirable Lemania-based caliber. Developed with 18k yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and white gold, its gorgeous traditional aesthetic and relative rarity means that all versions are in high demand to this day.

The relatively limited production has made the model even more mysterious, making the yellow gold and platinum versions the most collectible of all. The 5970 is also highly regarded for laying the foundation for another great collection sought after, the 5271P-001, among men who are not afraid to wear diamonds on their watches.

5. The minute repeater

5 must-have Patek Philippe watches for the ultimate collector

Rounding out the list is the Minute Repeater, a high-end timepiece that offers rarity value for all discerning collectors.

Most collectors consider minute repeaters to be one of the most fascinating of all watches, and the best you can get comes from Patek-Philippe. After all, this Swiss manufacturer was the very first to produce a minute repeater pocket watch in 1839.

With a simple click of a button, the minute repeaters strike the hour. A lower tone is used for the hours, a higher tone for the exact minute and a slightly higher tone for the quarter minutes.

Almost a century after its manufacture, Patek integrated the elaborate technology into a wristwatch and continued to develop various references. Collectors have the option of choosing between two types of sounds, the normal gong and the cathedral gong, the latter having a more elongated tone.

But what makes Patek The minute repeater is wonderful because no two sounds the same as each watch has a slightly different melody to give it a unique fingerprint. These are just 5 must-haves Patek-Philippe that ultimate collectors should add to their list.