9 of the weirdest things spotted in Michael’s office

Michael Scott is known for many things. He is known for his alter-egos, unique business shenanigans, and the weird things found in his office. Since Michael treats those who work at Dunder Mifflin Scranton as if they were his family, he brings things from home to make his and his employees’ work time more comfortable.

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Besides snacks, holiday booze, and random props to kill time while hearing about a possible downsizing, Michael also has a few weird things in his office that fans noticed during of their rewatch. From the little gadgets on his desk to the safe hidden in his closet, Michael Scott has some weird things in his workspace.


A small nose?

A split image of Michael Scott's office and a small nose on The Office

There are some things in Michael’s office that don’t make too much sense. At any given time, fans of the series can usually find an American and British flag, a small fan, a World’s Best Boss coffee mug, and a small tooth-like toy. However, in a few scenes there is a small version of a floating nose on his desk.

While Dwight made it known that his biggest insecurity was his small nose, Michael could have bought that even smaller nose as a gag. However, it is unknown what it is and why Michael has it. It could be a hand-held pencil sharpener, but it’s hard to tell.

The trashed tiramisu

A split image of Michael eating tiramisu from the trash on The Office

Michael loves his employees because he always wanted a big family filled with emotional ups and downs. Unfortunately, Michael’s office hijackings bother the majority of the office, so many of them don’t want to spend their lunch breaks with Michael. Because of this, Michael eats alone in his office almost every day. In one of Michael’s saddest scenes, he commented that having lunch alone might as well have been dinner.

Knowing that he often ate in his office, it wasn’t weird to see him eat a big piece of tiramisu. However, what makes this a strange discovery is that moments before, Pam threw the tiramisu Jim gave her in the trash… This means that Michael took the tiramisu out of the trash and ate it. in his office without them knowing…

Michael doesn’t go for the big, he goes for the tonic

A split image of Michael's dumbbells in his office and car

There are a few items in Michael’s office that don’t move much or at all. And two of those items were Michael’s two-pound dumbbells. They are usually found against the wall behind Michael’s desk by the window.

Funny enough, the dumbbells made another appearance in an episode that featured some of Michael’s most inappropriate lines, “The Convict.” While out with his employees for everyone to have some “outside” time, Michael pulled these dumbbells out of his trunk. Jim made a cheeky comment about the weight, but Michael had a quick comeback. He wasn’t going for volume, he was going for tone. It’s funny to imagine Michael doing arm curls in his office when the door is closed.

Michael’s Fake Watch

Michael and his framed watch in The Office

Michael is a very obvious man, but he wants to be a man of mystery, style and wealth. To show off his unique style and privileges, he affixed a certificate of authenticity to his office wall for a “Seyko clock”.

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While that doesn’t seem like a big deal, one eagle-eyed fan on Reddit realized the misspelling in the Seiko brand. This means that Michael bought a fake Seiko watch online, thinking it was a real one. If Michael had known it was fake, he never would have hung the certificate on his wall.

Large Scott Dressing

Michael having lunch with Jan and his own dressing on The Dressing

Michael and Jan had some amazing times together when they were co-workers and dated. When Jan was fired from Dunder Mifflin, she moved in with Michael and made appearances at the Scranton branch for lunches with Micahel.

In one scene, the two eat salads and talk about Ryan’s new plan to make the company look younger and more modern. Right in front of Michael’s phone is a large mason jar of salad dressing with Michael’s face logo and a salad on it, saying “Great Scott”. It’s easy to imagine Michael creating his own salad dressing and thinking it was so good he could jar it and sell it.

A hand grenade?

A split image of a hand grenade on Michael's desk in The Office

Another object on Michael’s desk that doesn’t move often is some kind of small grenade slab. It’s unclear what the award is for, but Michael is never opposed to showing everything he’s earned in his life. He’s got plaques and certificates on his walls, he’s got this grenade, and he’s also got some Dundies floating around his desk.

Maybe that award comes from paintballing with Dwight? Or maybe something he gave himself to be so explosive in the office?

A foot fan and a food dehydrator

Erin takes Michael back to her office

It took a while, but Michael and Erin became best friends as they worked together. At first, Michael missed having Pam on the front desk and wasn’t used to working so closely with Erin. But after Erin broke up with Andy, he mellowed and was kinder to her.

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In the episode where Michael moves from sales to regional manager under Saber, Erin helps him make his office a home again. As Michael breathes in the air, Erin reminds him that she has her foot fan and dehydrator under the desk… Unbeknownst to the fans, Michael also has a plethora of items under his desk as well as on the top !

A look at Michael’s office cabinet

A separate image of Michael's closet and a photo of Jan on The Office

Looking at Michael’s desk, there is a large brown cabinet to the right. He doesn’t open it often, but when he does, the cameras are intrigued to find out what he keeps there. In “Murder”, Michael showed off his stack of board games at the bottom of the cabinet.

However, in another episode, Michael showed off some of his prized plaques and certificates. On the door, the cameras saw a clipping from the staff bulletin with Jan on the cover. A fan also pointed out on Reddit that in later episodes, Michael swapped Jan’s photo for Holly’s.

And a closer look at his most prized possessions

Zooming in on Michael's vault on The Office

In “Dwight’s Speech”, Michael tried to give Dwight some good business advice after he won Seller of the Year for Dunder Mifflin. To prove to everyone that he too won the prize, he opened his wardrobe, unlocked his safe and took out his plate.

It’s a bit odd that the only things Michael had in his safe were a silver tea set and two Dunder Mifflin awards. It could have contained extra money for the party planning committee or even a few of Dwight’s weapons, but no – it’s a meaningless tea set and two awards.

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