A closer look at the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner+

The space race is launched in the watchmaking community. Recent civilian space travel has fueled our sense of wonder and brought the futuristic notion of commercial space travel into the present. Luxury watchmakers are getting excited and producing timepieces that allow us to look up, fill our minds with inspiration, and give us something here on earth to remind us of how far we’ve come. HYT has joined the fervor for space-themed watches with its latest model called HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner.

Inspiration for the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

Europastar shares the background and inspiration for the Supernova Blue Moon Runner. They underline the fascination we have had with stars since a sculpture of the moon found in Knowth, Ireland, called Orthostat 47, from the third century BC. Archaeologists have found written records of eclipse sightings from clay tablets from 1223 BC. AD in Ugarit. Moos cycles were observed by Babylonian astronomers in the 8th century BC. We have been fascinated by the moon and the stars since antiquity. We have come a long way through the centuries, from looking up and trying to understand the heavens to traveling outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Davide Cerrato is credited with designing the HYT Moon Runner. He is the CEO of HYT, former head of design at Montblanc and Tudor. The new model of HYT is based on our ambitions of scientific knowledge and perfecting the precision of the moon phases. It is a representation of the moon and its cycles in a fully functional watch. HYT has a history of continuously promoting fascination with the moon. This is just one more example of his love affair with the celestial. The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner deserves a closer look.

The HYT Supernova Blue Moon runner at a glance

Monochrome notes that the new Supernova Blue Moon Runner is powered by the same build and design as the Hasteroid Green model, but they’ve made a few changes to give it a new space-themed personality. We love the new 3D rendered dial display. The first look can be a bit confusing, but when you take a second look, the moon phase depictions as well as the satellite day and month indicators are brilliant. The innovative watch displays rotating lunar cycles, calendar functions and fluidic hours. The watch looks like a spaceship.

A closer look at the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

We begin our review of the finer points of the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner with the technical specifications. the case is uniquely designed in a gray and blue titanium sandwich style. The diameter is a large 48mm x 52.3mm with a depth of 13.3mm. The crown is also black titanium in a screw down style. The dial features blue Supersnoval flowing hours with applied Arabic numerals. They are placed on the outer ring with added luminescence for readability in low light conditions. The minute track is in matte black with 5 minute intervals with the minute hand placed on the rotating blue disc. The months and days appear in two matt black rings. The center of the dial features a rotating spherical moon with the moon phase indicated at the circular aperture. All minutes, hour hands, minute track, date and month tracks are coated with white SuperLumiNova.


The movement was created by Eric Coudray. It is a hand-wound HYT 601-MO caliber beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour with 41 jewels. The power reserve is 72 hours. Features include a spherical moon with lunar phases, retrograde fluidic hours, minutes, dates and months. The strap is black rubber with blue Alcantara for a two-tone aesthetic. It closes with a black titanium clasp. Hodinkee explains, HYT has perfected the use of capillary tubes with clear and colored fluids. These fluids are naturally repulsive colors that never combine. Liquids are propelled by the expansion and contraction of the bellows system, sealed in an airtight compartment. It is a brilliant technology that we see in all HYT watch models. This is a precision system that involves a 12-hour progression of fluids around the dial, allowing for smooth characteristics. Temperature changes also affect the expansion and contractions of fluids. HYT engineers have built an internal thermal compensation system to ensure fluid pressure is maintained at the correct levels. If not for backup, external temperature changes could disrupt timing. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Price and availability

The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner is a limited edition collection. HYT will market only 27 in the world. The price is 100,000 CHF or $105,065.80 in USD. Anyone interested in purchasing the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner should contact HYT for details on ordering the Supernova Blue Moon Runner and its release dates.

Final Thoughts

The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner is one of many new space-themed watches released by high-end watchmakers for the luxury market. As we ponder the possibilities of advancing technologies that take us beyond our wildest imaginations, we have watchmakers as caught up in the notion of commercial space travel as the rest of us. These innovative watchmakers spark our imaginations with wearable technology that brings us closer to understanding lunar cycles. One can observe the phases of the moon with a glance at the wrist. One can marvel at the new technologies that propel passengers into space for a few minutes excursion above the Earth’s atmosphere. We also have impressive technology here in the field. The technology is as advanced as the new rockets propelling people into space. Advances in watchmaking technology have taken it to a new level. The world is changing at high speed. It’s hard for some of us elders to keep up. All we know is that we love what we see and experience. The technologies are complicated but understandable once explained. The Supernova Blue Moon Runner is just the latest in a series of magnificent technological marvels produced by HYT. We expect many more in the years to come.