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The watches: the Bell & Ross Alpine F1 Team collection.

The best thing about these watches: They want to go fast.

From left to right: the round BR V3-94 A521, the square BR 03-94 A521 and the oversized square and skeleton dial BR-X1 A521

The backstory: While the most fashionable race-inspired watch in the world is the Rolex Daytona (inspired by the famous NASCAR race in Florida), there is reason to believe that Formula 1 could be the dominant force in watches in the future. close. With Netflix Drive to survive series, which documents sport behind the scenes, collaborations with brands like Bell & Ross give watch collectors yet another reason to pay close attention to European racing series. Of course, if you’re already an F1 fan, you’re probably a watchmaker, and vice versa: between Lewis Hamilton, sponsor of IWC and Richard Mille taking inspiration from the McLaren team (and even the president of the FIA, the governing body of F1), the overlap between racing and watch fans is well documented.

Today, Bell & Ross is releasing three new coins to commemorate the first year of the Alpine F1 racing team. (Alpine was formerly known as the Renault team, sponsored by Bell & Ross since 2016.) The new branding means that B&R is replacing Renault’s classic black-and-yellow color scheme with the sleek black-white-and-yellow color scheme. -Alpine blue. The colors are visible through a trio of new pieces: the V3 round, the 03 square and the oversized square and the X1 skeleton dial. The new colors are cool, but my favorite detail is a little one: the counterweight on the blue seconds hand is an “A” with a bolt running through it. The design is technically borrowed from the Alpine logo, but it has big Avengers vibes.

The new vroom-vroom machine for the Alpine F1 team

We want : Bell & Ross’s roots are in aviation – among the company’s most famous pieces are special editions for the French Air Force and German astronauts. However, it’s easy for a pilot’s watch to slip into the cockpit of a Formula 1 car (or for a racing watch to suddenly find itself in orbit). The Omega Speedmaster, known as the Moon Watch, was originally designed for the circuit. The new Alpine watches from Bell & Ross have no problem going in the opposite direction.

Photograph courtesy of Bell & Ross

Where and when to buy them: the Bell & Ross V3 (on a leather strap for $ 4,400, or on a bracelet for $ 4,700) 03 ($ 6,400), and X1 ($ 21,500) are available now for pre-order on the brand’s website.

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