All the elements of the pack in Inscryption

The Card Game of Encryption is based on the interactions between the cards in play and the objects that the player can acquire on the game board. Players can contain up to three objects in the game, and these objects range from mundane to truly revolutionary. All the items in the pack disappear after use and only some of them can be picked up at one time. Below we have a list of each package item available in Inscryption:

  • Fishing hook – Allows the player to steal a unit from Leshy, but only if the space under the unit is unoccupied. One use per series, impossible to obtain more after use. Permanently unlocked after defeating The Angler for the first time.
  • Special dagger – Sculpt your right eye to deal 4 damage to Leshy. One use per series, impossible to obtain more after use. Permanently unlocked after solving the Caged Wolf puzzle.
  • Squirrel in a bottle – Place a Squirrel card in your hand. Squirrel cards have 0 attack and 1 health. Automatically unlocked.
  • Rock in a bottle – Place a Rock card in your hand. Rock cards have 0 attack and 5 life, and cannot be sacrificed.
  • Scissors – Automatically cut one of Leshy’s cards, regardless of its strength.
  • Pliers – Pull out a tooth to inflict 1 point of damage to Leshy.
  • Piggy bank – Grants the player 4 bones.
  • hourglass – Leshy will skip their next turn.
  • Failure – Do nothing. Leshy will remove Failure from the board and place it next to the mysterious door. Failure will provide clues to Inscryption if you talk to them afterwards.
  • Black Goat Bottle – Place a Black Goat in your hand. Black Goat cards have 0 attack, 1 health, and count as 3 sacrifices for a sacrificial summon.
  • Frozen opossum bottle – Place a frozen opossum in your hand. Frozen possums have 0 attack, 5 health, and will spawn an opossum upon death.
  • Harpie Bird’s Leg Fan – Grants your entire team Airborne Seals for one turn.

When choosing between these items, you can’t go wrong with the Fish Hook, Special Dagger, Squirrel in a Bottle, Hourglass, Piggy Bank, Harpie’s Birdleg Fan, and depending on the situation, the Bottle of black goat and scissors. The rest of the articles are not particularly good.

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