Amazon’s smart soap dispenser is 25% off

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Save $ 14: Personalize your hand washing experience and get an Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser on Amazon for just $ 40.99 (original price: $ 54.99). You will save 25%.

Touchless soap dispensers might seem overkill (and they are), but they can be really useful, especially since the soap dispenser is usually the last thing you touch before washing your sprouted hands.

Curious? Try the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser, which is on sale for $ 40.99 on Amazon.

Launched earlier this year, the most notable feature of this vending machine is the 20-second timer that lights up when you wash your hands. You won’t have to sing “Happy Birthday” or the ABC song to keep track of the time. It’s also compatible with Alexa devices, so you can choose a song or sound to play while you wash.

A few caveats: This soap dispenser is only compatible with liquid hand soap, so foaming cleansers and hand sanitizers are prohibited. Reviewers also mentioned some issues with the motion sensor feature.

And we’re not going to pretend that $ 40.99 isn’t quite the steep price of a soap dispenser – although it’s better than the original price of $ 55. If you want to try it, now is the time.

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