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Time has never been so precise! The Gravity Equal Force is the world’s first automatic watch with constant force transmission. The result is a constant power supply to the scale, which ensures that the watch always offers perfectly constant precision.

The timepiece stands out not only for its revolutionary technology, but also for a design and craftsmanship that sets it apart from all other watches.

• The guilloché motif on the black plate of the movement was handcrafted by renowned watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, a close friend of the founders of Armin Strom.

• The off-center gray sapphire dial – a first for the brand – offers a breathtaking view of the fascinating mechanics inside the case and underlines the brand’s passion for transparent mechanics at the heart of its design philosophy.

• The most notable features of this one-of-a-kind Gravity Equal Force timepiece are the trio of orange-coated brass bridges placed behind the in-house ASB19 manufacturing movement, the orange-coated balance bridge at the back of the movement and the hand-finished orange-coated stainless steel hands that adorn the striking transparent mechanics of the watch. These orange reflections offer a striking contrast with the black plate of the movement.

Presented in a classic 41mm stainless steel case, the Armin Strom Only Watch 2021 comes with a black fabric strap with orange stitching, sublimely reflecting the color scheme of the watch which gives the watch one touch at a time. sporty and elegant.

Equal force of gravity © Armin Strom

The Armin Strom Only Watch 2021: the ultimate limited edition

This special version of the Gravity Equal Force – produced in an ultimate limited edition – was designed and produced in-house at the brand’s manufacture in Biel. Like any Armin Strom watch, its movement has been assembled twice. After its first assembly, the movement was meticulously disassembled and each part was cleaned, dried, reassembled and lubricated before being meticulously adjusted, tested and returned to the case.

Mechanical art for a good cause

Equal force of gravity © Armin Strom

The Gravity Equal Force: redefining the watchmaking landscape

Launched in 2019, this historic timepiece illustrates Armin Strom’s basic principle: bringing innovation to every watch. It combines the brand’s famous passion for transparent mechanics and its distinctive design as well as its commitment to redefine the watchmaking landscape with each new product.

“It’s gratifying to be part of something that brings together so many great watch brands. For a brand like ours, which focuses every day on innovative watches that challenge the industry, we like to challenge ourselves to create something worthy of the name Only Watch ”, says Serge Michel, co-founder of Armin Strom on the brand’s fifth consecutive appearance at Only Watch.

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