ARURF death timer dooms Akali player in league

ARURF, one of League of Legends‘rotating game modes that return occasionally via events, get rid of excessive spells and death timers, and mana costs that prevent champions from showing their true strengths. This opens up plenty of opportunities for familiar champions to be played in new ways, sometimes to the dismay of others.

When a player got Akali as a random champion to play in this game mode, they were probably expecting to deal high damage to their opponents without expending much energy. But in this clip they posted to Reddit, an encounter with an enemy Sion may have humbled them to the point of realizing that not only are their team’s champions strong, but also their enemies.

After defeating the Sion, his passive activated, bringing the giant tank back to life, as is normal for this champion. With the wave of giant minions around them, Sion was able to extend his passive’s activation duration, forcing player Akali and her ally Ryze to deal even more damage in an attempt to defeat Sion. To finish off Sion, Akali used their E, not realizing that Sion had extended the zombie form enough for their respawn timer to bring them back to life from base.

As Akali activated their second E throw, Sion’s body teleported back to the base to reappear, sending Akali into a mad dash. Akali’s teammates furiously spammed the missing pings as their body hurtled towards the enemy base at high speed to catch up with the Sion. Upon reaching the respawning enemy, Akali was immediately executed by the fountain, but not before Sion could launch an auto attack to secure the kill.

Akali is able to perform this interaction with any champion in normal games of Leaguebut thanks to the decreased death delays in ARURF, it’s only in this mode that something so unexpected can happen.

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