BAM Nuttall team installs M8 footbridge [- with video]

The 2pm closure of the M8 motorway began on Saturday evening, with BAM Nuttall and specialist Mammoet driving the main span of the structure on the M8 and to its final location.

The new weathered steel bridge was installed 3.5 hours ahead of schedule.

The relocation of the unusually shaped 58m long hourglass structure required careful planning and preparation. Deputy Constable Joseph McBride discussed one of the main risks: “Underneath the causeway passes the Monkland Canal pipeline, which carries five million gallons of water per day to the Forth and Clyde Canal – enough water to quickly flood the highway and parts of downtown. To manage this risk, we have carefully planned the route to complex “pirouette” the structure in place, while avoiding existing assets in the immediate vicinity. “

Once in place, the structure was gradually lowered onto the abutments before being hoisted into its final position. An observation gallery was created to allow up to 20 visitors to watch the operation from a safe point of view.

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The BAM Nuttall project team was also instrumental in providing opportunities for young engineers. James Wilson, BAM Nuttall agent, said: “We currently have summer school students, graduates and apprentices working on site and the opportunity to see this kind of engineering is invaluable – the M8 project will inspire a all new generation of engineers. We had an ambitious 2-hour program ahead of us and the fact that the motorway opened nearly four hours earlier is proof of this collaboration. A special thank you to the Severfield team for their expertise and dedication.

The new cyclist and pedestrian bridge will reconnect the north of Glasgow to the nearby city center as part of a £ 250million regeneration of the area. When complete, the new neighborhood will have 800 new housing units, a new school campus, vastly improved park and public spaces, stores and businesses.

Andrew McKibbin, Senior Project Manager at Glasgow City Council, said: “The successful installation of the M8 Bridge at Sighthill was a complex project, and it was a great collaborative effort between the council, the BAM Nuttall and Jacobs teams. who worked there. We can expect to deliver the rest of the project, which should be completed in spring 2022. ”

Further work on the bridge is to come, as the contract also includes the construction of the bridge approaches and the creation of a plaza to the north of the structure.

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