Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer reveals maps of Antarctica and desert oasis

A new Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer features three new maps, along with some of the changes made to the game after the Open Beta.

DICE has released a new gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042, showcasing three of the new maps drawn up in Antarctica, Egypt and India. So far, the developer has only correctly shown two cards of Battlefield 2042, Orbital and Hourglass. The French Guiana rocket launch-themed map is the one the public played during the Open Beta, while this latest desert map located in Qatar was used to reveal the Battlefield 2042 gameplay at E3 2021 in June.

Seven massive cards have been confirmed for Battlefield 2042Multiplayer mode, with classic maps also slated to return to the Battlefield Portal mode. DICE will also continue to add maps as free post-launch content. There is no exact confirmation of how long DICE plans to support the game, but publisher EA has said it could live for several years like other popular shooters. That said, the developer has now offered a taste of what’s to come when the multiplayer title releases in November.

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New Battlefield 2042 The gameplay trailer shows the gameplay of three new maps: Renewal, Discarded, and Breakaway. All three maps were first featured in the game’s initial CG reveal trailer, but now their looks and layout in the engine have been revealed. The trailer also offers a fresh take on some of the changes to Battlefield 2042 after the beta, including its updated user interface. It looks like there will be a lot of variety in the cards in the game, and they will surely come with all of their own challenges and perks.

Cards in Battlefield 2042 should be the biggest of the whole series. Orbital has been described as “medium sized“by DICE, which means that even though it’s a large map, the game gets a lot bigger. This won’t apply as much to the later-gen versions of the game as they’ve been scaled down, but the current generation and the PC will see the full scale of the game with 128 player matches.

All these cards will be playable in Battlefield 2042Hazard Zone mode, which will allow players to explore the maps at a different pace. At the moment, there are still two cards to show, Manifest and Kaleidoscope. At this time, it’s unclear if DICE will release another trailer to reveal these cards, but they could be a fun surprise to release. There may have been a few glimpses of Kaleidoscope in some of the Specialist gameplay trailers, but Manifest seems like more of a mystery. Manifest will put players in a container port and feature intense close quarters combat with the ability to move crates via a crane.

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Battlefield 2042 releases on November 19, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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