First-time triathletes Daryll De Luna and Cheng Nam Lee took on the Paupau Taga 5150 triathlon challenge on Saturday and did quite well.

In the U19 division, De Luna beat Eric Phillip David to finish first.

“I have always dreamed of being part of a triathlon,” said De Luna. “I grew up in the Philippines and it’s always hard to be a part of triathlons there because of the price of participating – you really have to pay. And now that I got to do it at a very young age – that’s is a huge achievement for me, ”he added.

He has competed in half marathons on Saipan before, usually finishing in the top 10.

“So it’s very surprising for me to learn that I finished first in this triathlon,” he said.

When asked what was the most difficult part of the course, he replied, “For me, the course was not difficult. The hardest part was the mentality of being patient. ? ‘You have to have a mindset that tells you that as long as you move, you will reach your destination. “

Another new triathlete, Cheng Nam Lee, finished second in the 60UP age division.

“I tried to test myself,” he said. “I wanted to know if I was up to the challenge. A triathlon is on my bucket list, so I’m happy to know I was able to do it. I’m happy. With myself.”

He said his biggest challenge was the bike section. “I didn’t have my own bike so I borrowed it from someone. The ATV was heavy so it was difficult. But again, I’m happy to tick another box on my bucket list. ‘have done!”

Florence Antonio dominated the 60UP division with Manny Sitchon in third position.

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