Casio’s Rubik’s Cube collaboration is a colorful watch for retro puzzlers

Committed cubers are never caught without a hex at hand. But even the most avid puzzlers would think twice before strapping a real Rubik’s cube to their wrist. For a more polished nod to the parallelepiped puzzle, try this Casio collaboration.

With a face featuring three sides of the classic Technicolor toy, the G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1AER is designed as a homage to the resolvable 70s.

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Built around the rugged GA-2100, the Special Edition Ticker is tough enough to withstand the wrath of a puzzled puzzler. Equipped with Casio’s Carbon Core Guard technology, the slim case is shock resistant and ideal for diving up to 200 meters. Convenient if you like underwater resolution. Which is really one thing.

While there’s nothing to fix on the watch itself (other than the time), the interchangeable octagonal bezels allow you to easily mix and match color combinations, just like your favorite cube can. Plus, the vibrant highlights and Rubik’s branding on the band leave no doubt as to the heritage that inspires its design.

The timer function should come in handy for Speedcubers, while a day-of-the-week indicator at the edge of the illuminated analog-digital display will come in handy for those who take a little longer to mull over the options.

Want new bracelets before the 2022 World Cube Association Continental Championships? Yours for £139, the Casio G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1AER is available from February 9 – shipped in its own appropriately themed cube.

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