Oris’ slogan, “Change for the Better,” is no mere trope, as the Swiss watch company has worked diligently over the past decade to put its money where its heart is: to help preserve the environment.

Over the past decade, Oris has worked successfully with a number of environmental nonprofit groups and social change organizations in its continued quest to make a difference in the world. This philosophy has inspired products whose raison d’être is to raise awareness of ecological concerns, especially our oceans, by raising funds for conservation.

But Oris also understands that real change comes from within. For example, it has taken steps to speed up recycling, reduce emissions, install solar panels and generally improve the sustainability of its manufacturing facilities in Hölstein. In addition, the company has just obtained climate neutrality status and will publish its first Oris Sustainability report next spring.

The independent climate action organization ClimatePartner has calculated the carbon footprint of the company and its products, taking into account the carbon emissions of various activities and their evolution over time.

“Becoming climate neutral is not the end goal,” says the brand. “From there, we will continue to work towards the UN sustainability goals. Our plant upgrades and increased use of green energy will continue and we will continue to improve our supply chains. “

Design for a cause

The Oris philosophy was naturally reflected in the design of its timepieces. It now offers wristbands made from recycled PET plastic and leather from sustainable sources, as well as watch cases made from seaweed or recycled paper. The Aquis Date Upcycle is another example of his dedication.

The Aquis Date is one of the pillars of the Oris watch collections. This popular diver’s watch is considered a solid choice on a variety of fronts, for those looking for sporty attributes like a unidirectional bezel, a highly readable dial, and improved water resistance. But it also works well for those who just want an attractive, well-constructed timepiece from a brand with a history, and competitively priced.

True to Oris’ goal of bringing change for the better, the Aquis Date Upcycle takes the collection even further. Its unique and colorful dials are made from recycled PET plastic, which is often found in our oceans and waterways in the form of single-use bottles and other containers. And while making a watch face this way may be more symbolic than material substantial, it is nonetheless a reminder to the wrist that a healthy planet is a collective responsibility.

The process used to recover the plastic results in a unique material, whose random patterns and vibrant hues ensure that no two dials are the same. It looks like art on the wrist, I think, but with a global awareness on top of that.

The stainless steel watch is fitted with the Oris 733 automatic movement and is available in two sizes: 41.5mm or 36.5mm. The diving bezel has a scratch resistant gray ceramic insert. Both versions are offered on a stainless steel bracelet, priced at $ 2,300.

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