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Controversial $ 95 Elderflame Dragon skins drop from ‘Valorant’ today

The controversial $ 95 Elderflame skins in valiant that transform your weapons into dragons will be withdrawn from sale later today.

Like all skin packs so far in valiant, the Elderflame set has been available for two weeks now, so it will be hitting the store later today. So if you want to get your hands on the dragon type weapons, you will have to rack up some cash in the next few hours or maybe miss your chance forever.

So far, no weapon packs have appeared twice in the featured store location, so it’s unclear when you can get your hands on the weapon skins next. There’s a good chance that individual skins will be available as Daily Offerings, but it might take some time before the full set is offered again.

The guns have proven to be very controversial since their launch a few weeks ago. While many agree the skin design is amazing, and something we’ve never seen in any game before, the big sticking point has been the huge price tag. At $ 95 for four weapon skins and a knife skin, the pack certainly doesn’t come cheap, but arguments have raged on the internet as to whether they represent good value for money.

Some, including myself, would say that at less than $ 20 per skin it’s actually not outrageous, with many other skins in other games costing a lot more for less eye-catching designs. Add the fact that valiant is completely free and the skins offer no competitive advantage and there seems to be little reason to complain about the price. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Others have said that for a microtransaction, the price is far too high and could set a precedent for higher prices for similar items in all games in the future. Others have said that the skins will actually give you a competitive disadvantage, due to their size and animations.

If you’re someone who thinks skins are pretty cool, you’ll want to head over to the valiant put them away and collect them before the end of the day. Once you have the base skins, you will be able to unlock the alternate styles with Radiant Points at any time, but this is your last chance to purchase the skins.

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