Daylight saving time in Pennsylvania is about to be abolished

HARRISBURG, PA – Daylight saving time ended Sunday morning and Pennsylvania lawmakers may soon ban its return in March. The state House government committee on Monday approved a bill that would keep the state permanently in Eastern Standard Time.

The measure now goes to the plenary for a vote. If both the House and Senate approve the bill and Governor Tom Wolf signs it, the sun will set in daylight saving time. The date for the vote in the House has not yet been set.

A change to permanent standard time would place Pennsylvania in a distinct minority in America. The only two states that don’t have daylight saving time are Hawaii and Arizona, although Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and American Samoa don’t change either. time.

The bill is the brainchild of Republican Representative Russ Diamond of Lebanon County, who argues that daylight saving time – initiated during World War I in an attempt to save energy – has passed its time. usefulness.

“There are more negative side effects of clock change than there are benefits,” Diamond said in a note to colleagues describing his position.

“Studies have shown that traffic accidents, workplace injuries, heart attacks, strokes, cluster headaches, depression and suicides all increase within weeks of clock changes.
Government-imposed interruptions to natural biological rhythms and sleep cycles can adversely affect job performance, academic performance, and overall physical / mental health. Clock changes force farmers to make unnecessary adjustments, as crops and animals live off the sun, not a

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