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Today’s day Days of our lives Recap: We start our day in Salem with Lani heading home and Eli begging Lani to be quiet so the twins stay asleep.

Meanwhile, Paulina walks through town wondering why Abe made his lime pie. Chanel is quite confused.

At DiMera Mansion, Chad drinks and plays chess as Johnny walks in with his guitar. He’s quite intrigued that Abigail is reading Will’s script.

Across town at Julie’s place, EJ, Nicole, Ava and Rafe are having an awkward conversation.

Like sand through the hourglass.

Lani and Eli talk about Abe’s impending proposal. Eli wonders what will happen if Paulina asks him to call his mom.

Eli sips his beer and tells Lani the latest news with Doug and Julie. Apparently MarDevil admitted Doug to Bayview!

They quickly change the subject for Paulina and their unfortunate trip to Paris. Eli thinks there is more to the story than what is being told in Lani.

Across town, Chanel thinks her mom is confused because she saw her eating a lime pie. Apparently, the pie Paulina likes is a Florida lime pie. There is a world of difference.

Chanel apologizes as she had no idea of ​​Paulina’s pie preferences. Abe tries to tell her it’s okay, but she insists on giving her mom the damn pie.

Abe and Paulina sit down to dinner and pour wine. Paulina thinks Chanel went to see Giovanni. Abe explains how Johnny is his nephew. Abe is afraid that Chanel will have her arms around him.

Paulina relishes Abe’s meal and talks about the great time she had with Lani. They discuss their time in Horton Square and Abe admits that Lani was delaying her. He goes on to say that being Lani’s father is one of the most precious gifts he has ever received.

Abe has now done the dishes and Paulina is ready to go to bed. To stop him, Abe kneels down. He removes the ring and asks her to marry him.

Paulina is surprised that it all happened so soon, but she says “yes! Abe slips the ring on his finger and they kiss.

At Julie’s, the awkward conversation continues. Rafe doesn’t understand why Nicole is with EJ. Rafe and EJ laugh at each other as Ava sits down and smiles at their silliness.

Nicole is angry with EJ for pushing Rafe’s buttons. EJ wonders why Rafe would care that they have dinner.

At their table, Ava reminds Rafe that she is a great example that people can change. Meanwhile, Nicole and Rafe look at each other from across the room.

Across the room, EJ thinks Nicole is interested in Rafe. He reminds her that the purpose of this evening was to make her forget Rafe. He wants to take her back to the mansion. EJ gives Rafe and Ava their dear bottle of wine and takes Nicole away.

Ava serves a glass of wine while Rafe wants to order a beer. Rafe wonders if Ava thinks he’s jealous of EJ. Rafe says he’s not jealous. He just worries about Nicole, then tells Ava a bit of their story. Ava continues to be logical and tells Rafe to relax and continues to drink EJ’s fine wine.

Side note: Does anyone else think EJ and Ava had great chemistry?

Across town at the DiMera Mansion, Johnny tries to convince Abigail that she would be perfect to play his grandmother Marlena. Abigail relates to the material due to her history of mental illness. Johnny is delighted and reminds them that he only needs a more committed investor. Johnny wonders if Chad is going to let EJ tell him what to do.

Chad explains that he only works at DiMera because of Tony and he doesn’t want to piss off EJ. Johnny says he helped put Abigail and Chad together, and that he’s Chad’s favorite nephew. . . so hand over the money!

Abigail says she won’t be heartbroken if the movie doesn’t take place. She doesn’t want to alienate EJ. Chad breaks down and agrees to fund the rest of Johnny’s movie, just as EJ and Nicole walk in.

Chad tells EJ he is going to fund Johnny’s movie and EJ is FURIOUS. He then blames Abigail for having accepted Johnny’s stupidity. EJ turns his anger on Chad for supporting Johnny, who also erupts on EJ.

EJ tries to pursue Chad, but Abigail and Nicole intervene. Johnny stays while Nicole sweeps EJ out of the room.

Outside, EJ is fuming as Nicole tries to calm her ass down. Nicole reminds him that they are supposed to have a date. They sit down and talk about everything.

Back inside, Chad tells Johnny he still has funds. Johnny dances a jig and comes out to finish his script. Chad then complements Abigail on how she criticized EJ.

Side note: EJ and Nicole have layers.

Across town, Eli and Lani change the subject again as Lani pulls out the lingerie she’s purchased. Eli quickly undresses as someone knocks on the door. Chanel came to bring them a pecan pie, and borrow their kitchen to bake her mom’s pie.

Eli is now peeling limes and wondering why cooking is so difficult. Lani and Chanel ignore her and start talking about Abe’s proposal to Paulina and how they will be sisters. She goes on to say how great it has been to work with Allie and open Sweet Treats.

Eli wonders how it works with Allie and Chanel tells him everything is fine because she is now dating her twin brother, just then the oven timer goes off.

We start the end of our day in Salem with Paulina and Abe using champagne to celebrate their engagement. At this point, Chanel arrives with her mom’s pie. Abe and Paulina announce that they are engaged, and they are all screaming for joy! Abe insists they all have a pie and champagne to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Lani and Eli are enjoying a pecan pie and are all gooey with each other.

At Julie’s Place, Ava sips EJ’s wine while Rafe sips a beer. They are also very much in love with each other.

Back at the DiMera Mansion, EJ and Nicole embark on all that he lost with Samantha Gene’s betrayal. Nicole relates this problem to her conflict with Johnny. Nicole uses logic with EJ in a way that only she can.

Side note: These two really do have a bit of magical chemistry.

EJ unbuttoned his collar and offered to cook Nicole a little dinner. She takes his hand and they look at each other longingly.

Inside, Abigail and Chad are also holding hands, but she isn’t quite ready to go yet. Chad says he agrees, but I’m not really sure he should be believed. Abigail goes upstairs while Chad considers what’s to come.

That’s it! What did you think? We want to hear from you! Come back for the last Days of our lives to summarize.

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