Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost Astral Alignment Guide – How Seasonal Activity Works

With each new season, Destiny 2 introduces new activities that allow you to team up with other Guardians to advance the story and fend off the enemies of humanity. Season of the Lost introduces the new Astral Alignment activity, in which you fight to protect the Blind Well of the City of Dreams and use it to search the Ascendant Plane for the missing Awakened Allies of Mara Sov.

The activity has a lot of parts and potential goals, not all of which will appear in every race. It’s also likely to change over time, so knowing how to deal with it will help you excel and earn new rewards. Here’s everything we know so far about Astral Alignment activity and how to complete it.

Mara also has more to do this season. Check out our Tracing the Stars quest guide for more information on finding his Atlas Skews each week.

Join the Astral Alignment from the Dream City Map

While the Season of the Splicer Override activity was accessible from the HELM in the tower, you will switch to Astral Alignment activities from a new node located on the Dreaming City Director screen. Look for the icon on the right side. It’s a six-player activity that you can do with a team of fire fighters or go it alone. Matchmaking will find you a team to help you complete it, as will Override and other past seasonal activities.

Defend the blind well

Your first task is to fight the enemies that flood the blind well in the city of dreams. To start the activity, drop your explorer’s compass in the center of the blind well. This is a fairly easy section and you won’t have to kill a lot of enemies to go through it. Once you’ve cleared out enough invaders, you’ll be transported to one of the many potential additional areas, where you’ll need to activate a beacon nearby and then stop enemies from disrupting the ley lines. We will explain how each lens works below.

Note that from now on you’ll be dealing with Champions as well, so make sure you bring the right mods to deal with them.

Disrupt the flaws taken

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In your next battle, you’ll find yourself in an arena with several vortex-like energy rifts scattered around the arena. Your objective is to score points by “dipping” energy balls into these rifts, thus dissipating the Taken energy that is bleeding into the Blind Well. To get these energy balls, you must destroy specific holds, the ones with the name “Eil of Xivu Arath”. Expect to be inundated with other enemies, so you won’t always want to run to the nearest eye to kill it; it is likely that your team will benefit more from having most people mop up enemies while only one or two people chase their eyes, in order to keep everyone alive as much as possible.

The enemies of the Eye of Xivu Arath are Taken Majors who aren’t too difficult to take down, but are usually flanked by a few minion enemies acting as bodyguards and defended by snipers. Look for them on the platforms at the outer edges of the arena. Kill one eye and it will drop Taken Essence, a ball of energy that you can pick up and carry around one of the rifts to dispel it. Keep repeating the process of eliminating enemies, killing Xivu Arath’s eyes, dispelling rifts, and killing champions until you’ve progressed enough to complete the arena and move on.

Stop the harvest of black aether

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This scorn-centric objective allows you to prevent the undead Eliksni from poisoning the Blind Well with Black Ether. To do this, you need to protect a few large Aether Collectors scattered around the arena, preventing the floating purple aether globes from reaching them. You only have to defend one at a time, and it will be marked with a waypoint, so you should quickly get an indication of where you need to be. Note, however, that what the Harvester needs to defend will constantly change, so you will need to reposition yourself around the map.

Dead minions are also scattered around the arena, and every once in a while you’ll see one blink and glow. This is an indication of where the black aether came from – after a few seconds, a pile of purple black aether will spring from the blinking servant and float towards the reaper. By identifying which Servant is about to spit out the Aether, you can move forward in your defensive efforts.

When the aether begins to fly through the air, your job is to bring it down before it reaches the harvester. Each Aether Globe you destroy gives your team a small amount of points, so you’ll just have to keep shooting Aether until you hit enough points to complete your goal. Note, of course, that a large number of enemies will populate the area, so you’ll also need to defend yourself, take out a bunch of contempt, and defeat champions while keeping an eye out for the Reapers.

Charge the batteries

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Another activity from Taken, this one sees you in a large arena with a few invulnerable Lost Knights who can hit you really hard. Your job in this one is to pick up three batteries and transport them through the arena to places near where you spawn, where you will “dip” the batteries in order to shatter the shields of the lost knights. You will need three batteries per turn.

The result of carrying the batteries is that you will get the Blessing of Sky buff, which will charge your abilities and Super very quickly. The downside is that you will get the Cluttered debuff, which slows you down considerably. Cluttered is on a timer, and after that timer expires, you’ll get a new debuff called Exhausted. This causes you to drop your battery – which is round and can roll, potentially back down the hill as you go – and prevents you from picking it up or another until time runs out.

Thus, it becomes a relay race, with three team members carrying batteries while the other three defend them. When each of the first three goalkeepers is exhausted, the defenders must grab the batteries while the original battery holders must start playing on defense. Once you manage to get all three batteries to dunk points, the lost knights’ shields drop, giving you a chance to detonate them to earn points. You should complete this objective after killing around two groups of Lost Knights.

Shoot down the boss

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Once you’ve completed two objectives beyond your first fight in the Blind Well, you’ll come back there for one last big boss fight. During this first week, you will face Kholks, a giant Taken Ogre. He’ll be flanked by a group of taken enemies, including champions, so make sure you’re ready for a fight.

After dealing some initial damage to Kholks, he will get a new shield that will make him invulnerable. You will then have to dispel it with a special Taken weapon. Watch your screen for the words “A Taken Pylon Has Appeared” to appear in the middle. When this happens, look for a Taken Blight bubble. Head over there and destroy the plague, and a captured elite enemy, such as a captured captain, along with a few small minions will appear where the plague was. Destroy the elite and they will drop another ball of stuck gasoline.

Grab the captured essence and use it as a gun on Kholks. You’ll have a countdown of around 20 seconds dictating how much damage you can do with the Taken Essence weapon, so land on the boss as fast as you can and as much as you can. This should cause his shield to drop, although you probably won’t be able to shatter it in a single attack before time runs out.

Repeat the process to quickly identify a new Taken Pylon, destroy it, and get another batch of Taken Gasoline. If you wait too long, Kholks’ shield will regenerate, so move quickly or coordinate with your team to be ready to take down the pylons as soon as they appear. When Kholks’ shield is broken, you can damage it as usual. Keep blowing up the boss until it’s destroyed to earn two chests, like in Override last season.

Parallax Trajectory – Season of Lost Currency

One chest in astral alignment is free, but the second, the Trove chest, requires a parallax path of 150 to open. You’ll earn this new currency in a variety of ways, including battling enemies in Dream City, participating in Astral Alignment and Shattered Realm activities, and completing Tracing the Stars missions. You can also get the parallax trajectory from Gambit and Crucible missions, strikes, and public events – basically, just by playing the game.

There are also special items that you can locate in specific locations each week and in the Shattered Realm. These are ascending anchors, and picking them up gives you a bit of a horde of parallax trajectory – 30 in one hit, as opposed to the three you occasionally gain for killing enemies.

The parallax trajectory is also what you’ll use to unlock new Wayfinder’s Compass upgrades in the HELM, so don’t go wild spending it.

We’ll continue to update this guide as we learn more about Astral Alignment, take on new bosses, and find out all there is to know about the new seasonal activity.

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