DRACULA Adapted and Performed by James Gaddas for UK Tour

The most famous gothic horror story of all time, few stories capture the imagination more powerfully than ‘Dracula’.

But when James Gaddas (“Bad Girls”, “Coronation Street”, “Medics”) stumbles upon Bram Stoker’s original handwritten copy while he was working on a satellite TV show, what he reads ice up to the bones.

From bizarre encounters in the Earl’s Castle in Transylvania to his ghostly arrival on a Death Ship off the coast of Whitby, to midnight seductions and a heroic chase through Europe, the race against the sunset. sun – all have served to delight and excite readers in equal measure. But this copy contains pages never really published and leads him to a terrifying discovery. What if everything we thought we knew was just the beginning. What if it wasn’t a story – but a warning!

In this thrilling new stage production, James Gaddas brings the original version to life, before sharing his shocking discovery in an electrifying finale.

Directed by Pip Minnithorp (British Associate Director – “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”), original music by Jeremy Swift (acclaimed composer and actor – “Downtown Abbey”, “Ted Lasso”), Illusion Design by John Bulleid (illusions behind Olivier awarded ‘The Worst Witch’).

Dracula will visit 32 locations across the UK starting Monday February 7, 2022.