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Lil Baby is a great example of why having good friends is so important. The reason, of course, is the freebies! Last year, for Lil Baby’s birthday, Brooklyn Nets hero James Harden gave the rapper a hell of a treat: a “honeybun” ($ 100,000 slang) in a Prada bag … with a Richard Mille RM 030 Drake, meanwhile, doesn’t even need a birthday to give his boyfriend a nice present: a personalized Rolex Day-Date fitted with a Chrome Hearts bracelet.

Lil Baby posted an image of the watch to Instagram with a thank you for Drake. Since Lil Baby’s birthday won’t arrive until the end of the year, it’s unclear exactly what the gift is for. The educated guess is that this is a celebratory gift The voice of heroes, Lil Baby’s latest album starring Lil Durk, debuting at number one. Either way, whatever Lil Baby occasion they celebrate, his friends are smart to buy him watches. The rapper always wears a watch on each wrist, which gives him plenty of opportunities to wear both pieces at the same time.

Courtesy of Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s Chrome Hearts Rolex Day-Date

If anyone has the option of getting Chrome Hearts to customize a Rolex, it’s Drake. Mr. Champagne Papi recently collaborated with the brand on a full collection of clothing and a fully chrome Rolls Royce. Duck also has a Rolex Day-Date personalized with Chrome himself, with a bracelet adorned with flowers adorned with diamonds.

Chrome Hearts’ watch designs have been in the news recently: After Ben Affleck rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez, he started wearing the same Franck Muller watch (with a Chrome strap) he wore at the start of Bennifer.

Ed Sheeran’s Rolex GMT-Master II

We’ve seen a lot of GMT-Master IIs in this column, but we should take a moment to appreciate Sheeran’s specific pattern. On the Late Late Show with James Corden, he wore a vintage version of the watch with a different look than what we are used to seeing on this model. The reason is that for decades Rolex has given its GMT aluminum bezels, which tend to fade over time. This is what gives the Sheeran watch that charming retro look. However, Rolex didn’t like these watches to fade, so the company replaced the aluminum bezels with stronger ceramic bezels in the mid-2000s. However, the patina is now seen as a positive among many. watch lovers, so there are a lot of Rolex collectors – like Sheeran, apparently – who prefer discoloration.

Courtesy of Drake

Drake’s Richard Mille RM 27-04

Setting up Lil Baby with a new part didn’t stop Drake from getting a new watch himself. His last piece is a Richard Mille RM 27-04 produced for the Spaniard Rafael Nadal who takes his tennis inspiration literally. The steel cable wound around the dial is intended to evoke the strings of a tennis racket. Drake posted the watch on Instagram with the text “RAFAAAAA”.

Shaun Botterill – UEFA

Richard Mille RM 11-04 by Roberto Mancini

Coaching his Italian team against Austria at the Euro, Roberto Mancini wore a specially designed Richard Mille. I mean this very literally: Richard Mille designed the watch specifically for Mancini, including a feature designed to time the halves of a football match, as well as extra time, which the coach needed during the game against Austria. Aesthetically, the vibrant blue matches the jerseys worn by the team known as Azzurri.

Frazer harrison
Courtesy of Cartier

Cartier Tank Louis by Jeremy O. Harris

Big week for Jeremy O. Harris: he’s getting started Zola (the movie he helped adapt from an epic Twitter feed), and he wore a really nice outfit at the movie’s LA premiere. He also managed to organize a trip at disneyland in there. And like the drop on Splash Mountain, Harris knows how to think big before returning to calmer waters. The unconventional shaggy forearms of his suit give way to the classic Cartier Tank Louis in yellow gold. O’Harris joins the line of authors and writers, like Truman Capote and Andy Warhol, who have turned to the Tank throughout the story.

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