Echoes of the Eye is more what made the base game click

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Outdoor savages was a brilliant game that felt very self-contained and whole. Its solar system, filled with unique and fascinating planets, all works together in harmony, so the idea of ​​adding more raises even more questions. How can Echoes of the eye, the new DLC available today for Outdoor savages, fit into this system?

It turns out that it fits in pretty well. I play about eight to nine hours Echoes of the eye and still working to solve his biggest and biggest puzzles. But it looks like a solid and meaningful addition to what made Outdoor savages awesome, and it works amazingly well in the universe.

It is at this point that I should be clear that discussing a game like Outdoor savages at any level beyond the most superficial description this will result in a certain amount of spoilers. I’ll avoid detailing anything like major puzzle solutions or explaining how certain mechanics or “laws” in the DLC work, but if you’re worried about knowing too much, here’s the short version: I really like Outer Wilds: Echos of the Eye. It is a good addition to Outdoor savages, with some really smart new ideas and some really mind-blowing moments, with just one little aspect detracting from the whole experience.

If you enjoyed the base Outdoor savages, you will probably enjoy solving the puzzles of Echoes of the eye. But if you want to know a little more, read on.

In truth Outdoor savages mode, even after installation Echoes of the eye, you will still need to find it. Or rather, start pulling on the visible thread that developer Mobius Digital leaves hanging for you to pull.

A new exhibit at the Timber Hearth Museum will kick that off, leading to a fun puzzle that felt like a warm-up for what’s to come. After you have everything assembled, you will embark on a new area, both in the solar system of Outdoor savages and its own separate and discreet space.

All i have seen so far Echoes of the eye takes place here, in this singular domain. While still being subjected to the same loop as the rest of Outdoor savages, which means you’ll always be waking up to Timber Hearth, whether you’re dying or running out of time, it’s pretty easy to get back to where you were, aided by some of the ship’s systems.

This new area to explore in Echoes of the eye is also its own system, which has mysteries to uncover and time-activated events that can change perspective and create new, interesting problems to deal with. At first it can seem almost overwhelming; he is definitely more drunk than the others Outdoor savages locations, and because everything is centered on a single area, it can feel a bit denser to piece together and solve than a planet like Brittle Hollow or the Hourglass Twins.

Echoes of the eyeThe new area of ​​is also beautiful, however the first time I landed and went there I created, moment by moment, pure surprise and wonder at what I was seeing. This chandelier also takes a while to fade, and the new ways you start to understand space and the ways you can change it just add more. This is a surprisingly packed area, with plenty of puzzles to solve and ancient lore to decipher, separate from any current mysteries you might have solved.

Echoes of the eye also makes intelligent use of perspective and light, in a way that really surprised me. Ship piloting skills and tools like the scout launcher are only required in a few situations that I have experienced, as most of my problem solving boils down to thinking about what I can see, what I can see. have already seen and how to think. the right lines to understand what I need to know to move forward. Each puzzle solution felt natural to me, stimulated by in-game tricks and storytelling, and even after going through a mind-boggling loop with a problem, I still felt like I was progressing at a steady pace. and regular, by gradually dismantling the cogs of the DLC.

My only wrinkle so far has been that for all the ways Echoes of the eye fits perfectly into Outdoor savages and continues some of his best thinking in terms of puzzle design and smart solutions, he also includes “stealth” as part of it. Those who braved the Black Bramble in the base Outdoor savages get an idea of ​​what to expect, and after taking a few hours to Echoes of the eye, that was my only point of continued frustration. While effective, and even quite scary at times, it can turn into a headache that can ruin the experience for those who aren’t into it.

That said, Outer Wilds: Echos of the Eye has been a pleasure to separate and resolve so far. Like I said before, I’m about eight to nine hours away and still trying to solve the biggest mysteries in this DLC – think less of a new planet and more of a new full-fledged mini-mystery . It has its own style, its own traditions and history to discover, and you have to Outdoor savages in simply delicious places to discover for yourself.

I have yet to see how this would eventually fit into the larger system of Outdoor savages that still hangs out outside the designated area. But it aroused a lot of the same joy of discovery, the sense of adventure and the high peaks of “a-ha” moments that plunged me into Outdoor savages in the first place.

If you also liked the base game, there really is no reason to jump on Echoes of the eye.

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