Disney Parks are full of a variety of attractions, all with their own unique theme. There are iconic rides such as “It’s a Small World” and Jungle Cruise, as well as several rides based on Disney movies, such as Peter Pan’s Flight and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

But, did Disney miss an opportunity when building Aladdin’s magic carpets inside Magic Kingdom at Disney World? What if the theme park instead builds an animation-themed dark merry-go-round Aladdin (1992)?

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Well a Reddit user Rich T. took to the platform share amazing ideas on how Disney could have made a Aladdin– dark themed tower. The post started by stating:

Imagine if Aladdin premiered in the early 1950s and was adapted into one of the three dark rides on FL’s opening day …

aladdin's cave of wonders
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Disney fan Rich then went into details on how Aladdin It could have been an opening day attraction at Disneyland in 1955. He vividly described how the ride, titled Aladdin’s Arabian Frights, would begin in the Cave of Wonders where guests enter through the mouth of the tiger. Abu, of course, steals the gem, and piles of treasures and stones start to fall, just like in the animated film.

Next, guests ventured to other familiar scenes, including the Market, Jafar’s Lair, and the Palace:


Riding scenes:

– CAVE OF WONDERS: the walking vehicle enters through the mouth of the stone tiger painted on the exterior mural. Abu steals a gem. Heaps of treasures and stones threaten to fall. Genie is leading the way to …

– MARKET PLACE: guards rush behind the market stalls. A dark alley leads to …

– THE QUEEN OF JAFAR: Jafar chuckles, holding the genie’s lamp. The eyes of his snake staff light up as the vehicle escapes into …

– TRANSFORMED PALACE: As the pillars creak and wobble, Snake Jafar approaches the end of a hallway in the palace. You turn a corner to find Jasmine trapped in the big hourglass. You enter a dark room where many giant hourglasses fall and spin. You turn one last turn …

GIANT SNAKE MOUTH: Swallows you. The end.

fans want aladdin tv series for disney +
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The Reddit user then went into detail about how Disney decided to possibly reimagine the original version a few years later. He explained that the ride would look like the 1955 version, as guests still start in the Cave of Wonders, but the elements would be changed slightly:


Riding scenes:

– THE CAVE OF WONDERS: Entering through the mouth of a sculpted stone tiger, the vehicles discover a magnificent cave of treasures. A pile of treasures, with Abu at the top, staggers a little. You walk past a scene of Aladdin meeting Genie.

– MARKETPLACE: You see Aladdin arriving as Prince Ali in a scaled-down parade scene. Jasmine, the Sultan and Raja watch from the balcony of the palace. A dark alley leads to …

– THE QUEEN OF JAFAR: Jafar laughs wickedly as Iago appears at the window, holding the lamp.

– TRANSFORMED PALACE: The genie covers his eyes and Jasmine protects her father as Aladdin faces the giant snake Jafar. The snake blows: “I WANT TO BE A GENIUS !!! Turn the corner to see the rotating sculpture of Genie Jafar shot into the lamp (“Noooooooon !!!)

– HAPPY PALACE: A very small final scene shows Aladdin and Jasmine greeting the released genie. The end.

aladdin and the lamp
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And, finally, if Disney decides to build an Aladdin-themed dark ride today, in 2021, here’s what Rich sees it as:


Riding scenes:

– THE CAVE OF WONDERS: Aladdin sits on a large diamond and sings “There is so much more to meeeeeeeee” while Abu holds the lamp.

– FRIEND LIKE ME: A clumsy attempt to recreate the musical number using a not so handsome AA genius surrounded by projections taken straight from the film.

– MARKETPLACE: A small crowd of guards and merchants watch a movie clip of Prince Ali’s parade.

– JAFAR’S LAIR: Identical to the previous one, but brighter and less threatening.

– MAGIC CARPET: the vehicle passes a lightly animated sculpture of Aladdin and Jasmine sitting on a magic carpet singing “Whole New World” surrounded by toony clouds. In the background, you can barely see a small cardboard cutout of Snake Jafar looking a little angry.

– END HAPPY: Flowers and projected sparks bring the throne room to life as Aladdin and Jasmine bid Genie farewell.

– END HAPPY (?) PART TWO: To your left, Jasmine bids farewell to Aladdin (to your right) as he waves to her as she sets off aboard a magic carpet. The end.

whole new world animated aladdin
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Other Reddit users love the depth with which Rich has described this grim ‘should be’ ride, including mandstaft user who said, “So awesome! Would love this dark ride! and user 180º who expressed, “This message is so vivid and direct that I no longer live in a world where this is not really Disneyland’s story. I can’t believe they ruined Aladdin’s ride like this. Bring back the Arab adventures of Aladdin, Disney.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to see Disney create a dark ride based on Aladdin, and now reading Rich’s ideas, I’m even more convinced that we need this to come true!

Would you like to see Disney build a dark amusement themed merry-go-round? Aladdin? Let us know in the comments below.

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