“It means a lot to me to win a district championship,” said Kevin Boyd. “To start again 27 years later, training my son and his friends is really important to me and I was very proud to try to prepare these guys. Making them play like they played, I was really proud of them.

This is the first district title for Highland since 2015. Much of the last district winning team won this year’s Babe Ruth Senior State Championship and recorded a congratulatory video for the youngsters.

“We’re a small town and everyone knows each other,” said Kevin Boyd. “It’s great that we have that kind of community aspect in things, especially when it comes to sport. “

The strength of this Highland team is their pitch, namely starters 1A and 1B Burleson and Nate Phillips.

“I throw a fastball, I change, a curveball and I work on a cutter,” Phillips said.

The key to winning a Little League tournament, however, is depth. The rules state that pitchers can only pitch up to 20 pitches before needing at least a day of rest.

Kevin Boyd said he felt comfortable sending 10 of his players to the mound. He might need all of them, as the state champion will play six games in six days.

“The key to us getting this key is hitting a great situation. We are going to pitch well and we have always defended well, ”he said. “This is the state tournament, so a lot of these teams will be in the same situation.”

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