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Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air since 2005, and fans of the show have been heartily obsessed with the characters both on and off screen ever since. So much so that even after being shockingly killed on the show in 2015, fans continue to browse McDreamy’s (aka Patrick dempsey‘s) Instagram page.

Of course, this is partly due to the fact that in season 17 (the latest to debut on ABC) – spoiler alert – Derek comes to life in Meredith’s dreams as she battles COVID-19. All that to say, when Patrick posted a selfie of him carrying a statement Tag heuer watch, inducement Ellen Pompeo (who plays Meredith on the show) for comment, it was only a matter of time before eagle-eyed fans took notice.

“Gorgeous! ……… .The watch,” Ellen commented, followed by a trio of emojis crying with laughter. As harmless as it is, fans went completely nuts upon catching the interaction.

In fact, to date, his comment has garnered nearly 50,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments. It’s no surprise, however. After all, fans were in total dismay when Derek passed away on the show (many actually stopped watching as a result). So, in a way, capturing this moment between former co-stars feels like something of a Gray fantasy is coming to life – and fans quickly took note.

“Forever our parents,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Shit forever,” replied another.

“OMG OMG OMG,” commented another, too excited to write anything more.

In a perfect world, Meredith and Derek would always be together. Thankfully, even in a world where it isn’t, fans can capture interactions like these on social media, as well as replay past episodes and seasons on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

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