Gunpowder is a volatile item in Minecraft. Many newbie players cannot find a use beyond making small amounts of TNT to prank their friends. However, expert Minecraft gamers know the real value of the resource.

Locating gunpowder can be tricky as it can only be found in chests hidden in rare Minecraft structures or obtained by killing some of the game’s scariest monsters – creepers.

In this helpful step-by-step guide, players will learn how to create a farm to collect gunpowder in Minecraft.

Starting a Minecraft Gunpowder Farm

To create a gunpowder farm in Minecraft, players will need a building block of their choice, slabs, and plenty of hatches.

Two tame cats are also essential for this farm to function efficiently. This means players also need a fishing rod, raw fish, and enough patience to tame two cats.

It may also be beneficial to acquire a leash or two, as this saves time when positioning cats in the climbing plant farm. Carpets are also needed to prevent other creatures from spawning, so Minecraft players will need to find wool to make these unique and functional decorative blocks.

Build the farm

Step 1

The first step in building a Minecraft gunpowder farm, in addition to gathering all the necessary materials, is laying the foundation for the structure. This can be done by creating a 13×16 rectangle on the floor.

2nd step

Once this large rectangle is built, the players have to break some blocks. The six middle blocks at the top and bottom of the structure should be removed. Ultimately there should be 10 blocks on each side with six blocks space between them.

Step 3

Now place blocks diagonally next to these five block walls. Repeat the process one more time, but the second time move inward so that the structure is sort of an hourglass shape as shown in the image above.

After this base is laid, players need to add another layer of blocks on top, making the structure two blocks tall instead of one.

Step 4

In the center of the left wall, place a wooden hatch. Under this hatch, add a mat of any color. After that, place five more mats, each separated by two blocks, as shown in the photo below.

Repeat the same on the other side of the structure so that it is perfectly reflected. There is also an option to add additional blocks in the middle of the system, which makes the path more efficient for channeling climbing plants to the collection chamber.

Image via LaZ1en on YouTube
Image via LaZ1en on YouTube

Step 5

The next step towards efficient gunpowder farming in any Minecraft world is to build a roof over this all-slab structure. Then, inside the building, place hatches on each block of the ceiling where there will be one. This step makes the structure dark enough to spawn climbing plants, but not tall enough to spawn other creatures.

Step 6

This step is slightly tricky, but the previously mentioned trails will make it manageable. Place a cat on the first two hatches (the only two that are not flat against the ceiling of the structure) so that the doors do not move.

Image via LaZ1en on YouTube
Image via LaZ1en on YouTube

Step 7

Finally, dig four blocks in the center of the hourglass shape. Then, on top of this new hole, place six hatches and click on them to open them. They should be flat against the wall of the top block of this hole.

On one side of this hole, place two buckets of water to flow to one side of the structure. Use the photo below for reference. Now the basic gunpowder farm design is complete.

Image via LaZ1en on YouTube
Image via LaZ1en on YouTube

Step 8

No Minecraft gunpowder farm is complete without a safe way to kill vines. To do this, Minecraft players need to add a room to the bottom of the climbing plant breeding structure. The goal of this room is to kill climbing plants and automatically fill the chests with gunpowder. Otherwise, this structure would only be a reproducer of climbing plants.

Mine in the wall of the hole until the water stops flowing. A small area should be mined with enough room for a few glass blocks, hoppers, and chests.

Step 9

The next step for the Minecraft player is to make four signs, placing two of them on the glass blocks, then on either side of the tunnel with the water flowing. On top of the panels on the glass blocks, place two buckets of lava. Be careful doing this, as it can be dangerous if not closed quickly enough.

The signs should cause the lava to float and the vines to be dragged into it by the water flowing below.

Step 10

Finally, break the light source blocks into the structure. Now the vines should start to reproduce, float towards the lava and burn alive. If the player wants to make this farm automatic, he can also extract two blocks below, place hoppers and connect them to chests.

This will cause their gunpowder to automatically be transported to the chest for more accessible collection once the vines die off.

How it works

Due to the hatches and mats, no Minecraft mobs other than the vines will appear in this structure. This means that if the player lights up outside the building, they can maximize the number of climbing plants that breed as the light will prevent any other type of creature from spawning in the same area.

As soon as these conditions are met, players can stand on top of the structure, and vines will begin to appear, die, and fill the chest with gunpowder. Once the farm is built, watch the vines explode and collect the rewards.

For a visual resource on creating a Minecraft gunpowder farm, watch the following video from Minecraft creator LaZ1en:

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