There are a ton of puzzles to find scattered around Deathloop. Players will often find themselves faced with challenges, locked doors and intricate puzzles, amid all the chaotic combat that the game has to offer. Some of these “tests” are a little more difficult to perform than others, some of them taking place on a timer or during a particularly stressful event.

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A good example is the Super Shifty Puzzle, which happens during the evening, in Karl’s Bay. Part of a larger puzzle that rewards players with a powerful weapon, the Super Shifty Puzzle is a race against time to reach for a wrapped gift, before the room it is in is shrunk into crumbs. The first time players encounter this room, it will likely be a total accident and it can be downright difficult to solve the puzzle when they don’t know what to do, especially with a ticking timer. Here is an overview of how to complete the Super Shifty puzzle on time!

Where is the Super Shifty puzzle

Deathloop Dawn Of Reason Guide Entry

Karl’s Bay is an entirely different place at night, filled with the unique brand of “games” of Eternalist and Charlie. Many buildings that were once closed are now open and devastating death traps await Colt accidentally falling into them. While the Super Shifty puzzle isn’t a “trap,” it can force Colt to restart his entire loop if he messes it up, as he’ll only have one hit per attempt.

  • To start the Super Shifty puzzle, players must head to the Dawn of Reason building.

The easiest way to reach this location is to go through the tunnels at the start of the level using the leftmost door. Looking through the nearby “hole in the wall” players will then want to cross the alley, go to the roof directly in front of them, then drop to the ground on the other side. Turn left from there and go down the trail a bit will put them in front of the Dawn of Reason building, closed with an activation switch nearby.

  • Flipping this switch will activate the puzzle, allowing players to enter, but will also start a three-minute timer. Once this timer hits zero, the current Colt Must Access will explode and be unobtainable.

How to Solve the Super Shifty Puzzle

Deathloop Dawn Of Reason Guide Timer Door

As soon as players flip the switch and enter the Dawn of Sanity, they will need to “find the code” to access the locked door directly in front of them.. Fortunately, the first part of the solution can be found directly to the right of the door itself. On the wall there is a painted wheel that looks like the lock on the door. One of the wheel fins will be painted red. Next to the wheel are four hash marks. One of them will also be red. The red marking on the wheel corresponds to which number on the keypad should be pressed and the red hash corresponds to which number in the code it is. In the example image below, the “rightmost number on the wheel” is the “third code number”. So whatever the code for this loop, will be XX2X (the keyboard looks like a clock and contains 0-7, moving clockwise from the top).

It is important to note that Deathloop randomizes its codes, i.e. no code will be the same for anyone because each loop will effectively randomize numbers. Because of this, Super Shifty puzzle may change completely if players fail. The location of the rings themselves can change as well, and there are a handful of locations inside the Dawn of Reason where they can appear. Once you’ve spotted half of a ring, just position Colt to “line up”.

Deathloop Dawn Of Reason Guide Inside

Once players have all four codes, they can go back to the door and enter them in the combination lock. The puzzle prize is a gem, but players will be much more interested in the progress it gives them towards one of the biggest puzzles found in Karl’s Bay during the evening.

How to solve the super shifty puzzle without starting the stopwatch

Deathloop Dawn Of Reason Guide Back Door

The Super Shifty Puzzle timer will only start if the player pulls the lever in front of the Dawn of Reason building, but it is possible for the player to enter the building before the lever has been pulled. Going to the right side of the building and through an alley, players can jump on a small wall then jump to an open window to access the interior of the building.

Deathloop Dawn Of Reason Guide Rear Door Window

This gives them a chance to run and collect all the numbers they need to unlock the door. Once the code is cracked, players can then slip outside and pull the lever, activating the timer. The door itself and the applicable keypad will not activate until the lever is pulled, but it at least allows players to “solve the puzzle” without fear of failing.

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