I Will Master This Family And 9 Other Must-Read Fantasy Manhwa Time Travel

There are times when people wish they could go back in time so that they could change their future. In the manhwa, which are Korean comics, this desire is quite common in the fantasy genre. Some people wish to return to live a better or happier life while others wish to take revenge on those who have harmed them.

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These stories are often filled with painful and heartwarming moments as they attempt to create a better future for themselves and the people they love. I will master this family is one of those fantastic time travel manhwa that follows the story of a young girl and her desire to change the past to create a happier future, and there are many more manhwa like this.

ten Fissentia Lombardi is given a second chance to save her family by becoming the head of the family (I Shall Master This Family)

I will master this family manhwa

I will master this family is a brilliantly written and illustrated manhwa by creators Mon, Roah Kim, and Seomal. Fissentia Lombardi has had a difficult life and has never been truly treated like family. After working hard for a living, she watched greedy family members squander Lombardi’s fortune and honor.

When her grandfather died, she was kicked out of her home, even after everything she had done. One night, she is killed in an accident, but it is not the end for her. She travels through time to her childhood. She decides to become the head of the Lombardi family and save those dear to her.

9 Kim YuWon uses her knowledge of the future to hopefully prevent an ancient evil from destroying the tower (at god level)

Upper level with the manhwa gods

Upper level with the gods, by author and artist B. Ain, is an action-adventure manhwa that fans of Omniscient Reader and Second Life Ranking Enjoy. Even though he’s stronger and more powerful than everyone else, Kim YuWon lost a life-threatening battle. In a last ditch effort, his friend sacrifices himself so that Kim can be sent back to the past.

With the knowledge and experience he has gained, Kim continues to work through the levels of the Tower. He hopes that this time he can kill the evils that threaten to destroy the Tower and save the people around him.

8 Aria Roscent is sent back to the past to take revenge on those who betrayed her (Villain spins the hourglass)

The wicked spins the hourglass is a phenomenally written, developed, and illustrated manhwa by creators Sansobee and Ant Studio. Aria Roscent is the daughter of an easygoing woman who ended up marrying into a noble family.

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Several years later and just before Aria was executed, her sister Mielle confesses that she is the reason Aria had a bad reputation. Aria wishes she could go back in time and that’s when she sees an hourglass. By taking it, she is transported to the past where she can begin her revenge plans.

seven Calliope Rustichel hopes to uncover a sinister plot and save her family (Lady Baby)

Baby lady, from creators Haeon Ju and Pingmin, is a romantic fantasy manhwa who can be a hit or miss with readers due to its slow, weird start. However, it picks up and is worth reading. Calliope Rustichel had a wonderful life until everything around her began to fall apart as her family was killed and her death soon followed.

However, she travels through time to her birth instead of dying. With knowledge of the future, she hopes to find out who is behind the plot to kill her family and save them this time around.

6 Keira changes her future and starts planning the arrival of the villain (I’m the real one)

i am the real manhwa

I am the real one is a fantastic and romantic manhwa from creators Yuun and Samwol. Similar to Baby lady, this manhwa has a slightly slow start that readers love or hate, but it’s needed groundwork for the story.

Keira, the daughter of the Grand Duke, is betrayed by Cosette, a girl claiming to be the daughter of the Grand Duke who possesses prophesied powers. As everyone turned against her, Keira was executed. However, she is sent back in time and decides to change her future by living for herself and preparing for the arrival of the villain.

5 Judith decides to become a Red Knight after following a greedy and immoral path that led to her death (a Red Knight does not blindly follow money)

a red knight does not blindly follow manhwa money

A red knight doesn’t blindly follow money, from creators Rosiwon and Jaemin Song, is a manhwa romantic drama about an Imperial knight named Judith. Judith was a slave and used it as a tool since all she cared about was money. Unfortunately, this path led to his demise.

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Instead of dying, Judith wakes up six years ago as a new knight. She decides that she is going to live her life with no regrets and not for money. Thus, she joins the Red Knights where a whole series of new adventures awaits her.

4 Yvona is a Beast Summoner who changes her fate after being betrayed by her fiancé (The Soulless Duchess)

the soulless duchess manhwa

The Soulless Duchess is a manhwa romantic drama from the creators, Seha Jin and Jin-seo Han. It has mixed reviews because of its content, but it’s interesting and useful read. Yvona can summon beasts, and she uses this ability to help her fiance achieve fame and glory. No matter what it costs her because she loved him. Unfortunately, however, he betrays her and she ends up dying.

When Yvona wakes up a year ago, she sees the world and the people around her differently. She changes her destiny and takes a path that leads to her happiness, which includes the cold-hearted Duke of Azentine.

3 Aaron uses his knowledge of the future to take revenge on those who betrayed him (the coin lord)

The Lord of the Manhwa Coins

Lord of coins, from creators Mokhyun, Hong Daeui and Trouvere, is a fantasy and adventure manhwa about a man named Aaron Steelegard. Aaron discovered a book that took him back in time. However, his life quickly came to an end at the hands of his greedy enemies.

Fortunately, Aaron is sent back in time in the body of his young self. With knowledge of the future, he begins to amass his wealth and grow stronger in the hope of revenge on his enemies.

2 Rosalite is sent back to the past to save her younger brother, but it’s not as easy as it looks (touch my little brother and you’re dead)

Touch my little brother and you're dead manhwa

Touch my little brother and you’re dead is an isekai manhwa comedy from the creators, Morpho and Web Artist Toonga. A woman who loves crisps is involved in a BL story as a sixteen-year-old girl named Rosalite. She is the older sister of the main character, Asterion, who is doomed to die at the age of twenty.

Rosalite follows the storyline, but after her brother’s death the story doesn’t end. She returns to the past where she hopes to save him. After many unsuccessful attempts, she swears that she won’t let anyone touch or hurt her brother no matter who it is.

1 Jooheon Suh hopes to become the King of the Tomb Raider to become stronger and get revenge on the people who betrayed him (Tomb Raider King)

King of Tomb Raiders, from creators Yoonz, Sanjijiksong and 3B2S, is a manhwa action-adventure RPG that many fans of Solo leveling and Kill the hero Enjoy. In this world, mysterious tombs began to appear, filled with dangers and a treasure that bestows supernatural powers.

Jooheon Suh is a grave robber who was betrayed by his employer and was nearly killed. Instead of dying, he is sent back fifteen years before the graves begin to appear. Using his knowledge of relics and tombs, he plans to become King of the Tomb Raider for revenge.

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