Apple only recently released iOS 14.6, but the company is keeping the updates going because iOS 14.7 is now available in beta, and as such, we know some of what it has to offer.

So far, this appears to be a much smaller update than the last two – which have added things like Apple Podcast subscriptions, the Apple card family, and app tracking transparency.

That said, it’s possible that some features of iOS 14.7 haven’t been revealed yet, and while it ends up being a small update, it’s still worth it, as if nothing else there. will likely have bug and security fixes in it.

Below is everything we know about iOS 14.7 so far, including the features of the beta and the likely release date of the completed software. We will update this article whenever there is any additional news or leaks on iOS 14.7, so check back regularly to stay in the know.

Cut to the chase

  • What is that? The next small iOS update
  • When did he come out? Probably late June or early July
  • How much will it cost? It will be free

IOS 14.7 release date

Typically, Apple releases new iOS 14.x updates about once a month. Indeed, iOS 14.6 landed almost exactly one month after iOS 14.5. So while there are no guarantees, we believe the same will likely be true with iOS 14.7.

If so, it will likely arrive in late June or early July, as iOS 14.6 was released on May 24.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait until then you can always grab the beta, but it will likely be buggy and unstable, and may not include all the final features, so we don’t recommend it to most people. .

IOS 14.7 Features

Either iOS 14.7 won’t be a very big update or we don’t know much about it yet, but below are the features that have appeared in the beta and are currently planning to be included. If we hear of others, we’ll be sure to add them.

HomePod timers in the Home app

HomePod mini review

(Image credit: TechRadar)

A new feature identified by 9to5Mac In the beta of iOS 14.7, it is possible to set HomePod timers from the Home app. The option is right below HomePod alarms in the app, and you can also name your timers, view their countdowns in the app, and cancel them with a simple tap.

Previously, timers for HomePod had to be set using Siri, so for anyone who has lost their voice or just can’t speak with Siri, this should be handy.

Air quality details

Apple has displayed an air quality rating in the Weather app since the launch of iOS 14, but only in certain countries. Now, with the beta version of iOS 14.7, 9to5Mac spotted that Twitter and Reddit users in Canada, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain have reported seeing these details for the first time.

So if you live in one of these places, you might soon get an indication of the quality of the air you breathe, and if you live elsewhere that does not yet have the feature, there is always the possibility that you get it by the time when iOS 14.7 launches in its completed form.

A fix for battery life bugs

Although not specifically mentioned in the beta, some users reported on Twitter that they experienced excessive battery discharge with iOS 14.6, so there is a chance that this will be fixed with iOS 14.7. It’s unclear how widespread this issue is, or how quickly Apple will fix it, so for now that’s only a possibility.

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