Legendary Mexican-American musician Carlos Santana is no stranger to the mota. In fact, he has used it for decades to stimulate healing and spiritual enlightenment, just like his ancestors did before him.

“Cannabis is a frequency that has been around since before whites came to Europe,” he explained in an exclusive interview conducted in Spanish. “All the shamans, the curanderos, knew how to use this drug to heal and correct molecular structure and consciousness. So basically it’s been around since they brought Jesus to America.

Even Santana’s mother used the plant to heal herself: she made her own ointments to relieve physical pain and stiffness.

Yet although it has been around for centuries, it is only now that people in the United States come to terms with what the musician’s family achieved long ago – that cannabis has a myriad of medicinal properties.

To illustrate this, Santana drew an analogy: When you notice that your car is misaligned and tilts to one side instead of driving straight ahead, you need to take it to the store for repair. The same goes for human beings.

“When you are sad, miserable, or angry, you also have misalignment. So what I learned was that the people who smoked weed, from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia or whoever, have a different way of seeing life than what we programmed, ”he said. he expressed.

“Jesus is not the only one who has a light. You too. When we were born, we received, imbued with celestial and celestial powers. It means that you can work miracles and blessings, but in order to do that you have to expand your mind to accept the spirit. And that’s not what corrupt religious institutions are feeding you.

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Regarding the ban and the lack of political will to legalize cannabis and repair the damage caused by the illegality of the plant, Santana explained that it was all about fear: politicians and religious institutions have “ afraid of letting people think for themselves ”.

“If everyone is healthy and sane, you don’t need therapists; if everyone is holy, you don’t need the Pope. Governments and institutions are in the same business of selling your fear. So when you light up, you start to feel like a little child again, without fear. Children laugh at fear because they know it’s wrong: Frankenstein, Dracula, a mummy, an illusion created to scare you, ”he said.

“But when you realize your light, you read, te salva de toda la estupidez, la oscuridad [your light saves you from all the stupidity and darkness], they are bankrupt. You will not give your money to the Pope; you will give your money to schools, to help people have drinking water and roads …

“It’s all about conscience, man. I’m just talking about consciousness. I’m not talking about a Communist or a Liberal, a Democrat or a Republican, I don’t care about any of that. All I care about is: con ganas, se puede hacer todo si lo haces del corazón [with willpower, you can do anything, if you do it from the heart]. “


With cannabis being a central part of Santana’s life and legacy, it was fitting that he ended up having his own brand, one that upholds his values ​​and ideas.

This is how Mirayo (“my ray” or “my lightning” in Spanish) was born.

Launched in partnership with Left Coast Ventures, the premium cannabis line has joined a family that includes brands created in collaboration with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and estate Bob Marley.

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“This particular family [Left Coast Ventures] came to see me and offered to join Bob Marley and Mickey Hart. I am grateful that I can add my name to a place where we can use this financial energy, this motto, to help American Indians, Navajo, Apache, bring clean, fresh water, education. . to help my brothers and sisters. Everyone knows that Santana isn’t just about playing the guitar. I have the Milagro Foundation which helps children in Africa, India, South America …

“It’s a blessing to be a blessing, una bendición will be una bendición,” he added.

As he explains himself, Mirayo by Santana is all about inviting human beings to invest emotionally in their own lives by accepting the light within their hearts.

“When someone programs you like a laptop computer, separates you from your light and tells you that only Jesus is the light and that you are the darkness… I am like no. God has put light in each of us.

To kiss The Hierba

Santana himself has often found his light through cannabis, both personally and creatively.

“You can tell when you are listening Abraxas. There is a certain awareness, a certain frequency that Abraxas, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix… some bands you knew what they were doing, ”he explained, referring to cannabis use. “When you hear music, it sounds different. It seems all-encompassing. This music is timeless.

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For him, cannabis is like water. He consumes it when he needs it, whenever he “thirsts for knowledge, understanding or wisdom.”

“Once I take a whiff, I immediately know where to go, what to read, or what guitar to play and what to say… Ok, ahi are you [here it goes]: If you want to paint with watercolors, you need water to dip the brush to be able to paint. For me, lighting, smoking weed is like dipping in water to stimulate your imagination. The more you develop your imagination, the more abundance comes to you with creativity.

“I’ve been saying this since 1967,” he concluded.

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