League of Legends Patch 11.21: Full Notes and Updates

Riot Games is bringing a series of adjustments to champions like Graves, Jinx, and Teemo, and runes, including Conqueror, Guardian, and Ravenous Hunter, in League of Legends Update 11.21.

The developers are also targeting Goredrinker in this week’s patch to “keep fighters on track” heading into the 2022 preseason. The Mythic item has become a dominant choice for fighters and, according to Riot, is steadily gaining relevance for other classes in Summoner’s Rift.

Here is the full list of changes to come League in patch 11.21, which is expected to hit live servers on Wednesday, October 20.

Disable / all chat

As of update 11.21, / all chat will be disabled in matchmaking queues. Riot will assess the impact of this change through verbal reports and penalty rates, as well as surveys and direct player feedback going forward.



Image via Riot Games

E – Heroic swing

  • Base damage per shot: 30/50/70/90/110 to 30/45/60/75/90

Fallen down

Image via Riot Games

E – Quickdraw

  • Armor bonus per stack: 6/9/12/15/18 to 4/7/10/13/16


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Passive – Get excited!

  • Total Attack Speed: 15% to 25%

E – Flame Choppers!

R – Super mega-rocket of death!

  • Cooldown: 90/75/60 ​​seconds to 75/65/55 seconds


Image via Riot Games

E – Desecration

  • Mana restored: 20/27/34/41/48 to 15/25/35/45/55


Image via Riot Games

Attack speed per level: one percent to two percent

Passive – Illumination

  • [Update] Extended Illumination Mark duration if Lux’s basic attack is already flying towards the target, or if R – Final Spark is cast

E – Lucent Singularity

  • Damage: 60/110/160/210/260 (+ 65% AP) to 70/120/170/220/270 (+ 70% AP)

R – Final spark

  • Cooldown: 80/60/40 seconds to 60/50/40 seconds

Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

Mana: 325.84 to 300

W – Strut


Image via Riot Games

W – Keen senses

  • Bonus Attack Speed: 20/35/50/65/80 percent to 20/30/40/50/60 percent

If we

Image via Riot Games

W – Furnace of Souls

  • Shield: 60/85/110/135/160 (+40 percent AP) (+8/9/10/11/12 percent of maximum health) to 60/85/110/135/160 (+40 percent AP) (+ 10/11/12/13/14% max health)


Image via Riot Games

Q – Blinding Dart

  • Cooldown: eight to seven seconds
  • Blind duration: 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds to 2.0 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds
  • Missile Speed: 1500 to 2500


Image via Riot Games

Q – Blade of the Ruined King

  • AD ratio: 60% to 70%

W – Spectral Maw

  • Auto-slow while charging: 15% to 10%

R – Heartbreaker

  • Critical Hit Chance Rate: 75% to 100%


Image via Riot Games

Movement Speed: 325 to 330

Q – Double daggers

  • Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds to 10 / 8.5 / 7 / 5.5 / 4 seconds



  • Thirsty slash: 100% of total DA to 175% of base DA
  • [New] Omnivamp: Goredrinker now grants eight percent of omnivamp
  • Health Regeneration: Blood Drinker no longer grants 150% health regeneration
  • Despite: No longer grants 0 to 15% (depending on missing health) of your DA as bonus DA

Endless Hunter (Ornn Item)

  • Thirsty slash: 100% of total DA to 175% of base DA
  • [New] Relentless Hunger now grants 13% omnivamp
  • Health Regeneration: Relentless Hunger no longer grants 250% health regeneration
  • Despite: no longer grants 0 to 15% (depending on the missing health) of your DA as a bonus

Iron whip

  • Ascending: 75% of total AD to 100% of base AD

Stride breaker

  • Attack damage: 45 to 50
  • Stop slash: 100% of total DA to 175% of base DA

Dreambreaker (Ornn item)

  • Attack damage: 55 to 60
  • Stop slash: 100% of total DA to 175% of base DA



  • Adaptive force per battery: two to five (depending on level) to two to four (depending on level)
  • Buff duration: six to four seconds


  • Shield: 70 to 150 (depending on level) (+ 15% Guardian AP) (+ 9% Guardian bonus HP) to 50 to 130 (depending on level) (+ 15% Guardian AP) (+ 9% Guardian bonus HP)

Burst of health

  • Health bonus: 15 to 90 (depending on level) to 15 to 140 (depending on level)

Ingenious hunter

  • Base Element Haste: 10 to 20
  • Item Haste per Stack: Five to Six
  • Maximum item haste at full stack: 35 to 50

Ravenous Hunter

  • Omnivamp per battery: 1.5% to 1.2%
  • Max Omnivamp at full battery: 7.5% to 6%

Bug fixes and quality of life changes

  • Syndra’s spell effects received a major visual update for several of her skins, including the base
  • Singed’s basic vocal lines have been remastered for a clearer, cleaner sound
  • Kindred Wolf has been fixed to come alive with Lamb while moving
  • Warwick will now correctly detect low health enemies that took damage while he was dead
  • Fixed a bug where Aurelion Sol’s Q – Starsurge visual effects would get out of sync from his hitbox as he grew up
  • Fixed a bug where Nasus’ Q – Siphoning Strike did not deal damage to traps (such as Teemo’s R – Noxious Trap and Nidalee’s W – Bushwack)
  • Fixed a bug where Gangplank’s Q – Parrrley would still heal by 20% instead of 10% from Fleet Footwork
  • Fixed a bug where certain abilities (such as the Q – Mystic Shot of Ezreal) were not counting towards the stacking effect of the Death Call passive
  • Fixed a bug where protections knocked down by a dragon would sometimes not reveal correctly
  • Akshan’s Heroic E – Swing will now be properly interrupted when entering stasis (such as via Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guardian Angel)
  • Shard of True Ice will correctly reduce Minion Gold if its user has raised more than 20 Minions every five minutes
  • The following abilities will now trigger spell effects (such as Luden’s Storm or Muramana) when dealing damage: E – Power Fist from Blitzcrank, Q from Camille – Precision Protocol, W from Darius – Crippling Strike, E – Blunt trauma from Dr Mundo, A from Garen – Decisive Strike, E from Hecarim – Rampage, W from Illaoi – Hard Lesson, W from Jax – Empower, Q from Shyvana – Twin Bite, Q from Trundle – Chomp, Q from Vayne – Tumble, Q from Wukong – Crushing Blow and A from Yorick – Last Rites

Upcoming skins and chromas


  • Yasuo Truth Dragon
  • Yasuo dream dragon
  • Kai’Sa Lagoon Dragon
  • Steel dragon battle
  • Dragon Karma Serenity
  • Duality Dragon Volibear
  • Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition


  • Kai’Sa Lagoon Dragon
  • Steel dragon battle
  • Dragon Karma Serenity
  • Duality Dragon Volibear
  • Obsidian Dragon Sett
  • Mark of the Eternal Dragon (Ember Claw)
  • Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol (Ember Claw)
  • Storm Dragon Lee Sin (Ember Claw)
  • Fairy Dragon Ashe (Ember Claw)

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