Letter: Postpone Oldies, Start All Timers | Rio Blanco Herald Times

Dear Editor:

What a time to try to plan big community get-togethers. At the moment there is a continuing increase in Covid/flu cases in the community. For most of us who have enjoyed the community alumni dance for the past few years, we are saddened by the possibility of having to cancel the dance until it becomes safe to mix.

It’s time to start preparing for another OT dance on the first Saturday in June, which will take several hours of member work to complete the dance set-up. There were two committee meetings in 2021, and only a few people showed up for the meetings. Based on the low turnout for these meetings and the current Covid situation, it will be difficult to train a “large” workforce to accomplish the logistics of organizing the dinner dance.

The “executive” committee was reduced due to the loss of Connie Theos and others planning to help with the event. There are enough funds available to help defray the costs of the upcoming dinner dance. I would like a local member to volunteer to be the treasurer.

Therefore, I suggest that we postpone dinner for at least another year. I think we have to accept the fact that there may never be ‘elders’ again.

Now is the time to see a new association of Rio Blanco County pioneers “Any Timers”. All of us elders of old age would like to see you, the younger ones, continue the community celebration each year.

Daryl LeFevre, President


Roberta Watt, Co-Chair


Rio Blanco County Pioneer Association

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