Patek Phillipe watches are among the most sought after watches among watch fanatics. Last week, Lil Baby ended up in hot water after being exposed for possession of a fake Patek. The rapper then fired several shots at the jeweler who sold it to him, although he was apparently compensated later with four diamond-encrusted rings.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The folks at Rafaello & Co., the company that sold the fake watch to Baby, said they were taking extra care with the watches they bought. Gabriel Jacobs recently sat down for an interview with TMZ where he explained that he hadn’t really done due diligence about the watch he sold to Lil Baby. He said the watch was platinum and looked like an authentic Patek. Jacobs added that two other dealers were also unable to tell the difference.

“Even this morning one of the dealers comes to me and says, ‘Gabe … I was going to buy it from you. I couldn’t even tell,'” Jacobs said. Going forward, he said he will hire a professional watch authenticator to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Jacobs explained that he had already given Lil Baby around $ 3 million worth of jewelry for the Met Gala and had no plans to sell her a fake watch.

“Even if he wasn’t the hardest performer. Even if he was anything, what do I gain from it? For example, that’s what I want the audience to and people understand, ”he said in response to the backlash. “For $ 400,000 or $ 300,000, why would I ruin my reputation? ”

Check out the interview with Gabriel Jacobs below.