Liverpool man continues to be told his name is ‘offensive’

A Liverpool man’s ‘offensive’ name continues to cause him problems with online forms.

Sam Dong, 24, has had multiple encounters with online forms rejecting his “offensive” surname.

The music distribution worker was attempting to sign up for the Insight Timer meditation app on Tuesday, November 2 when his last name was rejected on the grounds that it was an “offensive word.”

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Almost exactly a year ago, Bootle’s Sam had tried unsuccessfully to register for a Tesco Clubcard online, but suffered the same fate. This issue with the online form has since been resolved.

He told ECHO: “It’s less of a light on Tesco and more with the fact that, with Insight Timer being a meditation app, and meditation being quite rooted in Eastern cultures, you would think Eastern names would sort of be the norm. ”

The music distribution employee said it made him “more frustrated than anything.”

He told ECHO: “It makes sense that in the UK and English speaking countries this is a phallic reference, ‘Dong’.

“But it’s also like the 80th most popular last name in the world, so that’s a bit of a nonsense really.”

Sam Dong, 24, learned his last name was an “offensive word” when he tried to register for the Insight Timer meditation app

Sam said his last name has been “fairly regularly” the subject of jokes and duplication.

He told ECHO: “A lot of the time it’s just played in a good mood. Often it’s more of an advantage than anything because it’s such a memorable name.

Last year, Sam Dong was told that his last name was not a
Last year, Sam Dong was told that his last name was not a “valid last name” when he filled out the online form for a Tesco Clubcard.

“But there are often times when it just starts to bother me a bit.

“It’s more when it’s the same joke that’s repeated over and over again.

“Other times it’s a second look, or people don’t think I said what I said, people assuming it’s a different name, which is weird.”

Insight Timer has been approached for comment.

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