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CORNING – Jacob Hobscheidt of Plattsmouth, Neb., Enjoyed his first visit of the year to Adams County Speedway on Saturday night by winning the featured event Poet Bio Refining Modified.

Hobscheidt started in seventh place on the grid and took the victory over Josh Cooper who recorded his best result of the year in second. Jeff James closed the lead in the points battle to just nine with his third place finish and was followed across the line by Jesse Dennis and Brad Bergren.

In the Northland Oil Stock Cars, it would be Nick Woodard of Corning, IA who would earn his first career victory in the ½ mile ACS. Woodard came out of the front row to claim the $ 400 victory over fellow Corning driver David Nail Jr. Former track champion Jason Rold was third, while rookie Matt Avila was fourth, a better than his teammate Buck Schafroth. Schafroth now has a 24-point margin over Brad Derry for the season championship.

Jerod Weston’s dominance continued in the O’Reilly Auto Parts B-Mod division as the Red Oak rider went from tenth place to the green flag to his third ACS win of the season and fifth consecutive top five in as many departures. Bryce Allen and Shaw Kralik would complete the podium in second and third while David Swartz would record his best run of the year in fourth, with Cody Werner coming home in fifth.

The featured Chat Mobility Hobby Stock event was action packed which included a pair of flips involving Ed Swanson and Jeremy Purdy. When the dust clears, Jerid Lund would be the winner, taking his second ACS victory of the year and also taking first place in the championship battle. Matt McAtee was second while Ryan Sutter of Rock Port, Missouri continued to impress in his new race with a third place finish. Matthew Hudson and Adam Hensel round out the top five.

Driving a borrowed car, John Berg claimed his first ACS victory of 2021 in the Liberty Realty Compacts from pole position. Points leader and reigning track champion Chris Vannausdle finished second with Sean Bagby third. Tom Steinbach recorded his career best compact result in fourth place while Bryan Vannausdle finished in the top five.

This Saturday June 12, Akin Building Night will be at the Speedway, including the “Kids E-Powered Series” presented by CHI Mercy Corning. It will also mark the final championship awards night of the season as ACS honors the top 15 B-Modified drivers of the 2020 season at intermission. The action will resume its normal time, with hot laps at 6.30 p.m. and races at 7 p.m.

Saturday June 5 at Corning

Functionality: 1. 01-Jacob Hobscheidt[7]; 2.10J-Josh Cooper[2]; 3. 71-Jeff James[4]; 4. 70-Jesse Dennis[9]; 5.38X-Brad Bergren[8]; 6.36T-Jeff Wiggins[10]; 7. 0-Tony Hardisty[1]; 8. 37-Randy Foote[11]; 9. 22-Mark Karg[6]; 10. 3C-Andrew Clark[5]; 11. 38-Craig Garner[13]; 12. 13F-Troy Fudge[15]; 13. 29-Monte Most[12]; 14. Sprague with 4 stems[14]; 15. (DQ) R21-Ryan Schaffer[3]

Heat 1: 1. 01-Jacob Hobscheidt[1]; 2.10J-Josh Cooper[2]; 3. R21-Ryan Schaffer[4]; 4.36T-Jeff Wiggins[7]; 5.22-Mark Karg[3]; 6.37-Randy Foote[6]; 7. 38-Craig Garner[5]; 8. 13F-Troy Fudge[8]

Heat 2: 1.38X-Brad Bergren[5]; 2. 71-Jeff James[3]; 3.70-Jesse Dennis[6]; 4. 0-Tony Hardisty[2]; 5.3C-Andrew Clark[1]; 6.29-Monte Most[4]; 7. 4-stem sprague[7]

A characteristic: 1.31-Nick Woodard[2]; 2.42-David Nail JR[4]; 3.96-Jason Rold[6]; 4.69-Matt Avila[3]; 5. 92-Buck Schafroth[14]; 6.37DBrad Derry[10]; 7. Badger 50B-Brock[8]; 8. 55-Steve Churchill[9]; 9. 5-Joe Tisserand[11]; 10. 3-Mike Albertsen[5]; 11. 10P Lucas Perrigo[1]; 12. 24-Rick Bissell[12]; 13. 77-Glen Hoyt[15]; 14. 20-Lance Swartz[13]; 15. V31-Todd Van Eaton[7]

Heat 1: 1. 69-Matt Avila[4]; 2.37D-Brad Derry[8]; 3. Badger 50B-Brock[5]; 4.42-David Nail JR[3]; 5. V31-Todd Van Eaton[6]; 6. 5-Joe Tisserand[2]; 7. 20-Lance Swartz[1]; 8. 77-Glen Hoyt[7]

Heat 2: 1. 96-Jason Rold[4]; 2.3-Mike Albertsen[5]; 3.31-Nick Woodard[2]; 4.55-Steve Churchill[6]; 5.10P-Lucas Perrigo[3]; 6. 24-Rick Bissell[1]; 7. 92-Buck Schafroth[7]

A characteristic: 1.86J-Jerod Weston[10]; 2.16A-Bryce Allen[4]; 3. 0-Shawn Kralik[9]; 4.57S-David Schwartz[5]; 5. 21-Cody Werner[7]; 6. 78-Evan Davis[3]; 7. 2-Kayden Dirks[6]; 8. 72-Ed Hamilton[12]; 9. 20-Kirk McKay[13]; 10. 62-Rick Barton[2]; 11. 37-Tyler Fudge[8]; 12. 09-Kenny Darnold Jr[16]; 13. 88-Hayden Johnston[11]; 14. 87X-Steven larger staff[14]; 15. 66-Nathan Buchanan[1]; 16. (DNS) 11W-Alan Worth

Heat 1: 1. 62-Rick Barton[2]; 2. 0-Shawn Kralik[8]; 3. 2-Kayden Dirks[4]; 4.37-Tyler Fudge[7]; 5.16A-Bryce Allen[6]; 6. 88-Hayden Johnston[3]; 7. 20-Kirk McKay[5]; 8. 11W-Alan Worth[1]

Heat 2: 1.21-Cody Werner[2]; 2.57S-David Schwartz[1]; 3.86J-Jerod Weston[7]; 4.66-Nathan Buchanan[4]; 5. 78-Evan Davis[3]; 6. 72-Ed Hamilton[6]; 7. 87X-Steven larger staff[5]; 8. 09-Kenny Darnold Jr[8]

Cat Mobility Hobby Stocks

A characteristic: 1. 95-Jerid Lund[7]; 2. 72-Matthew McAtee[2]; 3. 79-Ryan Sutter[3]; 4.38H-Matthew Hudson[9]; 5. 7H-Adam Hensel[1]; 6.33-Tim McCollum[5]; 7. 40X-David Weeda[15]; 8. 7K-Bobby key[19]; 9. 52-Jerry Richards[14]; 10. 17-Luc Ramsey[11]; 11. 22-Tanner Dixon[6]; 12. 11F-Colton Garside[20]; 13. Grout 10G-Dustin[23]; 14. 20-Jeremy Auten[17]; 15. 9-Brit Pellman[4]; 16. 12G-Jeremy Ribbey[13]; 17. 18-Kenton Walston[22]; 18. 104-Chris Bates[8]; 19. 4-Jeremy Purdy[10]; 20. 7-TomMyers[12]; 21. 44-Ed Swanson[16]; 22. 5-Derek Myers[18]; 23. (DNS) 29-Anthony Fletchall

Heat 1: 1. 72-Matthew McAtee[1]; 2. 7H-Adam Hensel[5]; 3.17-Luc Ramsey[8]; 4. 79-Ryan Sutter[2]; 5.12G-Jeremy Ribbey[3]; 6.44-Ed Swanson[6]; 7. 7K-Bobby key[4]; 8. 18-Kenton Walston[7]

Heat 2: 1.22-Tanner Dixon[1]; 2.38H-Matthew Hudson[7]; 3. 7-Tom Myers[8]; 4.33-Tim McCollum[2]; 5. 52-Jerry Richards[4]; 6.20-Jeremy Auten[5]; 7.11F-Colton Garside[3]; 8. 10G-Dustin coulis[6]

Heat 3: 1. 95-Jerid Lund[2]; 2. 4-Jeremy Purdy[7]; 3. 9-Brit Pellman[1]; 4. 104-Chris Bates[3]; 5. 40X-David Weeda[5]; 6. 5-Derek Myers[4]; 7. (DNS) 29-Anthony Fletchall

A characteristic: 1.12-John Berg[1]; 2.15-Chris Vannaudle[10]; 3.31-Sean Bagby[8]; 4.007-Tom Steinbach[6]; 5.15V-Bryan Vannausdle[9]; 6. 19-Ryan Brown[2]; 7. 28-Andrew Akers[5]; 8. 23-Dustin Sheppard[3]; 9. 14J-Chris Buchanan[11]; 10. 45- Samantha Robb[7]; 11. 5M-Andrew Mills[4]; 12. 98-Élie Hoyt[13]; 13. (DNS) 18-Matt Buchanan

Heat 1: 1.12-John Berg[4]; 2.23-Dustin Sheppard[1]; 3.15-Chris Vannaudle[7]; 4.007-Tom Steinbach[5]; 5. 31-Sean Bagby[6]; 6.14J-Chris Buchanan[2]; 7. 98-Élie Hoyt[3]

Heat 2: 1. 19-Ryan Brown[2]; 2.15V-Bryan Vannausdle[6]; 3.28-Andrew Akers[5]; 4.45-Samantha Robb[1]; 5.5M-Andrew Mills[3]; 6. 18-Matt Buchanan[4]

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