Matthew Mercury – The Next Level of “Premium Affordable” Watches.

Affordable premium Swiss watches.

High-end luxury watches will never go out of fashion. In fact, a watch is more than just a timepiece, it is a precious commodity with an emotional commitment; one that over time will become a precious family heirloom. Premium watches are timeless emblems of taste and refinement.

Is Mathew Mercury a premium watch brand?

When we want to assess the quality of a watch, there are three main aspects that we need to recognize: The movement, the case and the glass.

Movement: The most important thing in a watch is the quality of the movement of its mechanism. While most brands use Japanese or Chinese movements, Matthew Mercury only uses Swiss movements in each model in their house collection. Their artisanal movements are created by “Ronda”, a Swiss company specializing in precision movements since the beginning of the 20th century. The high quality of the mechanism places MM watches in line with world-class premium brand high-end watches.

Case: Mathew Mercury watches come with a premium 316L stainless steel case, which has a high level of purity. The case boasts of excellent form and solid function.

A glass: Each Matthew Mercury timepiece is made from sapphire crystal, the most premium of its kind available on the market today. As well as offering ultimate protection against scratches and bumps, it seals and protects the delicate interior parts of the watch to ensure the glass is clear and scratch-free for extended use.

In addition, all MM watches are water resistant to 50M.

The watches are made of high quality materials which ensure longevity. Anyone who owns one of these luxury watches will enjoy using it for years to come.

The Mathew Mercury watch is precise, dignified and marks the wearer as a true connoisseur of luxury watches.

Unique features of Mathew Mercury watches

Besides the subtle display of luxury and pleasing aesthetics, there are a few factors that give Mathew Mercury watches an edge over their competition:

In addition to the high quality craftsmanship of Matthew Mercury, they also offer remarkably unique designs such as “Shades of Blue”.

Visit: https://www.matthew-mercury.com/product-page/shades-of-blue

Looking closely, you can see the acute attention to detail throughout the timepiece. Obviously, this is not a mass-produced item; but rather a true masterpiece that has been designed with a lot of thought and attention to detail!

This design is just one of many examples reflecting the unique work and craftsmanship of MM featured in each of the brand’s collections. Unlike other companies that just emulate existing designs, you can see a pure line of originality here.

In summary

It is not easy to find inexpensive watches that rival the quality of today’s big brands. However, Matthew Mercury took the concept of “affordable premium watch” to the next level and set a high standard for all other brands attempting to sell quality items at a similar price. Matthew Mercury understands something fundamental… “Affordable premium” is more than just a saying, it’s their goal, and they definitely support it.

More info: https://www.matthew-mercury.com/

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