Natalie Teases The Secret To Weight Loss With A Special Guest

90 Day Fiancé star Natalie Mordovtseva showed off her slim new figure to IG fans while promising to reveal her secret live with a mystery guest.

After Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day fiancé flaunted her weight loss on shocking Instagram fans, she now wants to reveal her secret, with a mystery guest for company. See Natalie on 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Season 6 with her and Mike Youngquist visiting Trish made TLC viewers wonder if she had had plastic surgery and implants. Looking almost unrecognizable from her 7 or 8 day season, former actress Natalie now sports a fuller look that she admitted to being due to weight gain. However, Natalie suffered a “secret” recent surgery that seems to have helped her achieve her new hourglass physique.

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Natalie’s changing face in each of her Instagram photos of her 90 day fiancé The return of Season 8 has left many fans confused. As Natalie spices up her feed with throwback photos even before she met Mike, her recent photos have been called in for retouching. Sometimes Natalie has an unusually cinched waist and sometimes the 90 day fiancé the star has an extended arm. But alongside the filters, Natalie also reportedly had her breasts enlarged, but she quickly debunked the speculation by revealing that it was her extra 20 pounds to blame.

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Soon, Natalie Mordovtseva revealed that she had liposuction on her back, waist, stomach and chin because she didn’t want to lose weight naturally and let her fuller breast go away. Yet there seems to be another weight loss secret that 90 day fiancé Personality Natalie is hiding from her Instagram followers, which she will reveal via a LIVE session on Wednesday. Mike’s wife posted a series of stories where she looked like half her 90 day fiancé weight and said she would talk to her IG followers at 3 p.m. Atlantic time and talk to them about exercise and what “program“She uses to stay in shape with a”special guest.“The stories were reposted by the blogger @90 days of fiancfanatique2, but fans couldn’t match Natalie’s excitement.

Natalie Mordovtseva Instagram Plastic Surgery Weight Loss 90 Day Fiancé

Nobody cares about you“Read the most popular comment, and”Omg, no thanksSaid the next one. A 90 day fiancé the viewer asked Natalie bluntly: “So are you going to give us the name of your plastic surgeon?“And the others seem to just want her to do it”go away.Another TLC viewer adds that Mike’s mother was right in her judgment on Natalie, perhaps in the sense that she may have married Mike to become a Hollywood actor.

Natalie has faced a lot of criticism on the show, thanks to her unreasonable act and how she always has something to complain about. But recent scenes have started to cause some fans to switch sides, stating that Mike is rather to blame. While Natalie may have had a career motive in mind, it was Mike who married her knowing it. And with his mother Trish now reproducing his demeanor with Natalie, the 90 day fiancé The star may have found a way out of the marriage to make movies for local TV channels while being single again.

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