Omega Speedmaster: Even A Sci-Fi Disaster Movie Knows There’s Only One Watch To Wear In Space

The ’90s revival doesn’t stop with Merrell loafers and long-sleeve t-shirts. Judging by the trailer for Moonfall, directed by Roland Emmerich (aka the guy who brought us 90s classics like Independence Day and Godzilla), the apocalyptic blockbusters of the era are also back. The movie features Patrick Wilson as a bad boy astronaut on a mission to save humanity from the moon (and maybe aliens?) for reasons that will surely be explained by the geeky conspiracy theorist who absolutely had to come and make a ride in the space shuttle. For science! The one thing about this glorious CGI mess that makes sense? Patrick Wilson’s Omega Speedmaster Lunar Watch, the official watch of bad boy astronauts and billionaire space tourists the world over. Also this week: Gunna’s Paris fashion week cut is gold.

Reiner Bajo

Patrick Wilson’s Omega Speedmaster

Being an astronaut in the 1960s was, by all accounts, a great gig. One of the best perks, besides going down in history, of course, was NASA’s official watch, the Omega Speedmaster. More than fifty years later, the Speedmaster isn’t the cutting-edge tool it used to be, but, like a NASA Corvette Stingray, it still has what it takes.

Victor Boiko

Pusha T’s Rolex Day-Date

Nigo’s first Kenzo collection was a landmark event, and the BAPE founder had no trouble filling the front row with rap royalty. Push, who debuted a new track on the show, came properly in rapper-business-casual: khakis, a sweater and a yellow gold Day-Date with a diamond dial and bezel.

Victor Boiko

Gunna’s Rolex Day-Date

In an interesting show of restraint for a man who clearly loves diamonds, Gunna’s Day-Date forgoes the diamond-set bezel in favor of a relatively understated diamond-set dial. What it sacrifices in drops, however, it makes up for in gravitas thanks to the iconic Rolex fluted bezel, a design detail that has been a hallmark of Rolex watches since the 1920s.

Romain Maurice

Richard Mille RM 011 customized from French Montana

It takes a bit of effort to stand out next to Rick Ross, but French Montana’s latest timepiece manages to do the trick. The rapper’s watch is technically a gold Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa, a very complex chronograph dedicated to the Brazilian racing driver, but thanks to extensive aftermarket customization (and a few hundred baguette-cut diamonds), it’s now a single piece. bust down.

David L. Nemec

Blake Griffin’s Rolex Daytona

Ninety-nine percent of watches are mounted on either a metal strap or a rubber strap. Blake Griffin’s sleek rose gold Daytona has neither, however. The Daytona is one of the few Rolex models available with Rolex’s patented Oysterflex strap, which, for the record, is neither rubber nor strap. Made of black elastomer, the bracelet has a core made up of two flexible blades in titanium and nickel alloy surrounded by longitudinal cushions for increased comfort. What else would you expect from the 1% of watches?