Penguins Rookie Camp Day 1, Video & Notes

This is the recruit camp. The Penguins’ prospects started the four-day camp and headed to the Pittsburgh Penguins training camp next week. There are no tournaments or hopeful matches other than an intra-team scrum on Tuesday. But the camp is the opportunity to see Sam Poulin, Nathan Legare and some professional prospects in Penguins outfit.

After an hour-long skills session, WBS Penguins coach JD Forrest put on a quick workout that showed a little more of the Penguins’ outlook and separated the top youngsters from those in the know. fought for a professional salary.

It’s also the first chance to see Valtteri Puustinen, Filip Hallander (again), Filip Lindberg and Josh Maniscalco at the UPMC Lemieux Complex.

Again, it’s day one of rookie camp, and we resist the urge to read anything there, other than a few initial impressions.

Legare and Poulin hooked up on some good setbacks on potential goalkeepers, including UMass varsity free agent Filip Lindberg.

Pittsburgh Penguins Rookie Camp:

The first hour was devoted to skill work: moving around the zone, taking out test shots, wielding the stick around defenders and two-on-two evasion work.


* I always like Legare more than Poulin as a top six prospect. Legare has a presence on the ice and some shark calm with the puck before a quick hit unleashes a heavy wrist.

It’s too early to tell if Legare’s skating is ready for prime time. It was just one day.

* Watch Poulin land a good timekeeper at the far post in tight traffic. He is # 22 in black.

I think they just want me to prove what I’m doing and having fun, giving my best and giving 100% every time I’m on the ice, ”Poulin said. . “They want us to be competitive and to go as hard as possible. If I want to improve their team, there is a good chance that I have my place.

* Arizona State University free agent Josh Maniscalco, who signed last summer, may have good individual skills, but he’s playing “slowly.” He reflects and is slow to react. He doesn’t naturally do some of the things pro defensemen do in the blink of an eye, like return the puck on his forehand.

In the little breakout drills, the forward chess ate his lunch before he could move the puck, find his outlet, or get in a good position to do either.

This offseason, I really wanted to get a little more athletic and faster. I think I did a good job doing it. So I can’t wait to see how this (itself) year describes and see what happens. “

Maniscalco has been a good scratch for most of the WBS Penguins’ season and only played eight games last season. He has a much longer route to the Pittsburgh Penguins than you might expect and seems like a candidate for good ice cream at Wheeling, not WBS.

* 2021 fifth-round pick Isaac Belliveau is a bit lanky – his skating skills will need work in the professional game. His crossovers and subsequent change of direction have been troublesome a few times.

* I liked the academic free agent Filip Lindberg. In practice, he was clearly working on a few techniques or trying to make them usual. Even after the game he was getting back into shape or position. It’s the little things that make goalies good, or at least as good as they can be.

He was the last keeper off the ice.

* Filip Hallander. He did not dominate or declare himself a man among the boys. Day 1, however. Hallander is an experienced enough player not to feel the need to shoot the jets in this situation.

In early August, General Manager Ron Hextall offered the following on Hallander:

“… So I hope he comes to camp and pushes for a spot, but ultimately it will be up to Filip,” Hextall said. “… You come from Europe to a smaller base, to a new culture. There is a lot going on for young players. So sometimes they’re not ready. But certainly, I hope at some point this year or certainly at training camp in a year. I certainly hope he is ready….

Wait until you see the quote he made. It’s simple, but I’m not going to make a good headline by burying it at the bottom of a notebook story!

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