Portronics Kronos Y1: a portable smartphone with a high-end look



The market is oversaturated with a number of options when we talk about wearables. Almost every month, some brands strive to make better and more advanced smart clothes that could meet the market demand and needs.

Today, people are more and more keen on getting a watch that can do everything from step tracking, to acting as a personal doctor, to other smartphone features.

We recently had the opportunity to review the Porttronics Kronos Y1 smartwatch to understand how it makes a difference in the smartwatch market.

Look and feel

I received a gray variant of the watch which looked smart. The watch has a larger (with a 1.75-inch screen) and brighter dial. The Kronos Y1 strap is smooth and feels solid. I won’t deny the fact that this watch is a bit heavier than some of the watches out there but is not uncomfortable at all.

Speaking of the dial, the watch looks sturdy with a metal body and the display is brighter and the large dial looks flawless. The watch has a power button on the right panel and can be easily operated.

Overall, the device looks sturdy and smart at the same time and looks crisp and attractive when worn. It goes with any outfit and completes the overall look.

Receive and answer calls from the wrist

I must mention that it was a fun experience answering calls and listening to music on the wrist and hands-free. I wasn’t wearing my headset and my phone was in my bag, so I received calls through my watch face and the sound quality was as clear as a good Bluetooth speaker with decent volume. This watch therefore offers a personal Bluetooth speaker experience on your wrist.

Users can sync the phonebook and, if needed, open a dial pad and make calls directly from the watch by dialing the number. So it’s as simple as that!

It is easily connected to Bluetooth from the phone and if one is ready to stop this call-taking feature of the Kronos Y1, one can deactivate the feature and use a headset or their smartphone. It’s that simple ! I really like this feature.

Da-Fit app to sync with your Smartphone

Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the app can be downloaded to sync data and track person’s activity. The app connects to the device easily and smoothly.

Features and performance

With 1.75 inch display face and curved glass end, the watch comes with HD display experience with brighter graphics. Even when used in bright sunlight, the screen was vibrant and viewable.

The body of the watch is covered with a metal body which gives a sturdy look and indeed improves the durability of the watch. The user gets more than 200 watch faces which can be used according to his choice, to give a dynamic new look to the watch.

Battery life – long and solid!

India Tv - PORTRONICS Kronos Y1



It is a great performer when we talk about its battery life as the smartwatch is smart enough to last up to 7 days of heavy usage and can last for fifteen days when put on standby. When I used the watch, the device was able to resist the mark and it was a great performer. I made calls, connected to music, and even managed my messages, and the watch didn’t run out of juice, despite being so multitasking.

Track activity – awake or asleep!

India Tv - PORTRONICS Kronos Y1



The watch provides detailed insight into your sleep style by tracking activity. The screen saver allows users to track sleep accurately.
Robust and durable – it’s worth it!

This watch is smart enough for any outdoor activity and can be used in any given situation – from indoors, to training, to work, to physical work on fitness. It is water resistant and I have to mention that the strap is also dirt resistant!

I used it as roughly as possible, but the watch’s gray silicone strap kept rocking and it was never difficult to clean. Indeed, an attractive and low-maintenance smartwatch with great durability that could be used in the toughest terrains.


I won’t deny that Portonics’ portable is worth picking up, as it has excellent call capabilities, volume, and battery life. One can track heart rate, oxygen level, hours slept, body temperature and more, beyond just tracking pulse and walking steps.

Kronos Y1 is a true performer with good looks and appreciable performance.

Good price, but ready to compete with a number of players

Portronics Kronos Y1 is tagged with MRP 5,999 but it is available on Amazon India, at Rs. 4,949 (18% off) for the gray variant, while the black variant is available at Rs. 3,999 (33% off). reduction).

I won’t deny the fact that there will be a few people who will say the wearable is expensive, but considering the features and performance, the smartwatch is a good deal for the money in my experience. I used this watch for almost a month and it never let me down. But we can’t deny the fact that the watch will face competition from brands like boAt and noise who have also launched their voice-enabled smartwatch.