Q&A: Randy Rogers goes acoustic in Waco Grand Lodge Music performance

Texas country singer-songwriter Randy Rogers will perform on a different Waco stage on Saturday when he and bandmate Geoffrey Hill perform an acoustic show at the Grand Lodge of Texas. The show is part of a series of concerts aimed at raising funds for the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum.

Rogers’ show follows a May 7 concert by country singer-songwriter Waco Holly Tucker who started the series, featuring performances by the Morticians (June 12) and jazz saxophonist Rob Holbert (July 17) .

Facilities Use Coordinator Brenda Light said the fundraising round had a goal of $ 120,000 to cover lost revenue due to the pandemic and rental cancellations last year. The loss of revenue has also forced the facility to increase its rental fees, which has led the Stars Over Texas Jamboree to move its monthly show to Waco Racecourse starting next week.

With the easing of restrictions on coronaviruses, the library is once again looking to rent its 330-seat auditorium and ballroom on the ground floor, the latter reserved for the Morticians and Holbert shows. Those interested in booking the facility can call 254-754-3942 or go online at leelockwood.org.

Rogers’ acoustic concert on Saturday, however, will take place in the much larger downtown Grand Lodge of Texas.

Rogers and his band are building their summer touring schedule with Friday and Saturday shows booked through June in venues in Texas and out-of-state shows in July in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and the United States. Illinois. They are on tour to support their latest music video, “Chupacabra,”A Tex-Mex collaboration with the Texan group La Maquinaria Norteña completed by a new dance step.

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