QR Codes Help Novice Voter Travis Wah Vote in Orange Municipal Elections | Daily Central West

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First voter Travis Wah ushered in the coming Saturday when he made his decision based on the information provided via QR codes. A college student, Mr Wah said he struggled to find information on potential advisers, but QR codes on applicants’ corflutes were helpful. “I tried looking online but there was like a list of all the applicants and you had to pay to read it,” he said. As a first-time voter, he said he was eager to have a say in the outcome of the election. “I feel like I should have a say in what’s going on,” he said. Cabonne’s first voter Jamie Lipscomb said he was eager to vote. “It sounds like something I have to do, as a member of the community,” he said. “I want to feel like I’m making a change for the country and for the region for that matter.” Mr Lipscomb said he researched the candidates before heading to the polls on Saturday, but would have liked more information. “There wasn’t a lot available online about the candidates,” he said. “I feel like I have enough information, but I think there could have been more.” Zachary Oakes, who registered to vote that day, admitted he hadn’t given the election much thought but found the vote “fairly easy”. he said. “I just asked questions and it pretty much told me what to do on the ballot. It was pretty straightforward.” The registration that day was popular among first-time voters Mr. Oakes saying he wanted to avoid the fine. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content: TAKE YOUR VOTE Send a letter to the editor using the form below


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