Queen Letizia appears at an event in a Mango dress as a guest

Queen Letizia appeared at an event wearing a Mango dress as a guest

They both chose the same style for the Spanish Express Fashion Store. But no one was wrong.

It was one of the best moments of the party.

We all love discounts and cheap clothes, whether we’re ordinary citizens or royalty. Kate Middleton, for example, was seen wearing a Zara jacket. This time Queen Letizia appeared at an event with a piece of mango. However, that wasn’t the most curious thing. The Queen of Spain had to face many women’s worst nightmare: showing up to an event dressed as another guest.

The coincidence happened during the Reina Letizia Awards on Wednesday, May 4. Immaculada Vivas Tyson was about to receive a Medal of Honor “for her career with people with disabilities, as well as her career as a legal scholar” when she was approached by Letizia, who wore the same look.

The half-black half-white midi dress worn by the two fits perfectly on all curves and includes a black belt that helps define a very feminine hourglass figure.

In addition to the dress, Queen Letizia and Vivas Tyson wore similar shoes: both were black, open and with small heels. However, the shape of the Queen’s shoes had a slightly more pointed shape, while those of the honors followed a rounded shape. Letizia, unlike Immaculada Tesón, paired it with a small black wallet.

the Ask about Mango, produced between sizes XXS and XXL, costs 49.99 euros, but is currently out of stock – perhaps thanks to an unusual opportunity. If you like the dress, don’t despair. The Spanish brand has already promised that the model will soon be back in stores. Be aware and when inventory is replenished, don’t wait. It is very likely to run out again quickly.