Raising Dion’s End-Credits Scene Sets Up A Time Travel Story In Season 3

Raising Dion Season 3 ends with a great post-credits scene that seems to set up a time travel arc in Season 3 – what’s next for Dion and Nicole?

Raising DionThe end credits scene sets up a potential time travel story for Season 3. Starring Ja’Siah Young and Alisha Wainwright as Dion and her mother Nicole, Raising Dion is a comic book adaptation exploring the life of a single mother who discovers her son has superpowers. The Netflix series is fun and self-aware, openly riffing on superhero tropes and even calling them out because its heroes and villains actually read comic books. Although Netflix is ​​not yet signed up to Raising Dion season 3, the series is popular, so it’s surely only a matter of time before it’s announced.

Certainly, showrunner Carol Barbee seems convinced that there will be a Raising Dion season 3, because although season 2 is a complete story in its own right, it ends with a clear setup for the future. This is especially true for the post-credits scene, with Raising Dion honoring the MCU’s post-credits tradition by launching a tantalizing glimpse into the future. Raising Dion Season 3 promises to weave more classic comic book tropes into the show’s lore – and even seems to hint at a time travel arc.


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Raising Dion season 2 ended with the series’ villain, Pat, becoming more powerful than ever, thanks to experimental gene editing. Worse still, he again bonded with the malevolent Crooked Energy that has plagued Earth since an Aurora event in Iceland, and gained an ally in corrupt scientist David Marsh, who offered to give Pat an army. to order. The post-credits scene fast-forwards an unknown length of time, with Pat – now dressed in a costume reminiscent of Marvel’s Doctor Doom – approaching Atlanta at the head of this army. To his surprise, he is confronted by a flying man who shoots out of the sky and introduces himself as the Mind Mover – Dion’s chosen superhero identity. Played by Chris June, this is clearly the adult Dion. This jump in time seems to suggest that the passage of time will play a role in everything Raising Dion plot of season 3.

At first sight, this seems to indicate Raising Dion season 3 will take place in the future, given that it’s an adult Dion – but the show is unlikely to drop its main cast, and it’s worth noting that Pat’s shocked expression suggests that he has no idea Mind Mover is out there. The camera lingers on a wristwatch that Mind Mover is wearing, which he inherited from his father Mark and appears to have incorporated into his costume. Given Raising DionAccording to Dion’s level of meta-awareness, the presence of a wristwatch on Dion’s glove seems to indicate watch-like equipment seen on superhero costumes in Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Endgame – and there, the timepieces were used to travel in time. The post-credits scene therefore seems to indicate that a future Dion will travel back in time to help in the battle against Pat.

Time travel is a classic superhero trope, especially in the Fantastic Four and X-Men comics – both of which had a pronounced influence on Raising Dion. It will be fascinating to learn more about the hero Dion is destined to become, and to see how Dion and Nicole react to knowing that future. Given Pat’s new powers, they’ll need all the help they can get to deal with the heightened threat in Raising Dion season 3.

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