Raspberry Pi and Arduino programmable timer

Electronic designer Patrick Thomas Mitchell is back on Kickstarter to launch his new Raspberry Pi and Arduino programmable timer, aptly named Ninja Counter. The programmable timer features a progressive counter, a sliding counter and a point accumulator which can be programmed manually using a single on-board button or digitally with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Advance pledges are now available for the recently launched project starting at around $ 27 or £ 20 (according to current exchange rates).

Raspberry Pi programmable timer

“To make things more interesting, you can modify the supplied source code and reprogram the Ninja meter itself using an external Arduino Uno! It includes a relay for high power switching applications, an active buzzer which acts as an audible alarm, and can be powered directly by an Arduino UNO, or with an external power supply!

Assuming the Ninja Counter fundraising campaign successfully increases its required engagement target and manufacturing progresses smoothly, the global shipping is expected to take place around November 2021. Learn more about the Ninja Counter Programmable Timer Project , watch the promotional video below.

“The PCB is ready for production, software version # 1 has been successfully tested, and four commented code examples have already been attached to the project page. These code examples are used to show you how to program point values ​​and count / count times into the Ninja Counter using an external Arduino module. This unit has been designed to give you full control and the software is fully open source.

“I worked hard to make sure the programs were completed and tested before launch. The circuit board has no defects and is ready for bulk production. The majority of the work has been done up front so your reward can be shipped faster and be ready to experiment as soon as your reward arrives at your doorstep! The Ninja Counter will be fully programmed with the latest software version.

For a full list of all available campaign pledges, extended goals, additional media, and programmable timer specs, go to the official Ninja Counter Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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