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A dramatic event 48 hours before the start of the Dakar! Alexandre Pesci’s car caught fire during the Shakedown. A chain of solidarity between drivers was then quickly formed. The 44th Dakar begins with a day full of emotions. Here is the story.

There are days that remain etched in our memories. The one experienced yesterday by Alexandre Pesci is one of them. He participates in the legend of the Dakar. During the last practice session, Alexandre Pesci smelled an odor in his DXX #251 buggy. The time to evacuate the vehicle, a fire breaks out and quickly spreads over the entire engine part despite the activation of the automatic extinguishing system present. The completely burnt-out car relieved the team of responsibility, which had just completed a long preparation to tackle the mythical rally-raid in the best conditions.

Faced with this desperate situation, Romain Dumas intervenes and immediately offers the keys to his buggy with panache to the Team Manager, President of Rebellion. This chivalrous gesture gives the opportunity to Alexandre Pesci to take the start of the race. He who only takes part in one race a year, the dream race, the Dakar, can continue the adventure!

Alexander Pesci © Rebellion Watches

Borrowing from the spirit of the Dakar, the collaboration between Rebellion and RD Limited, preparer of Rebellion cars, underlines, even before the start of the competition, the ability to compete, to unite and to find courageous solutions.

As good news never comes alone, the altruistic initiative of Romain Dumas is rewarded by a generous and benevolent action signed by another Rebellion ambassador, Nasser Al-Attiyah. The champion has made available his vehicle with which he participated in the race last year. Romain Dumas will thus be able to cross the starting line with a sharpened Toyota, which won the Rally Hail in Saudi Arabia, the Cross-Country Rally World Cup and took second place in the Dakar in 2021! The car is currently being repatriated and registered so that the French driver can also take part in the finest of rally-raids with the Rebellion team. The misadventure that could have turned into a tragedy turned into an exemplary chain of solidarity. The magic of the Dakar operates!

During the first participation in the Dakar in 2020, one of the buggies was damaged and caught fire. Rebellion quickly identified the cause of the technical problem. The car had been developed in a configuration with a diesel engine. The fuel tank was suspected of being unsuitable for a gasoline engine, in particular because of the proximity of these two elements in the rear position. Unfortunately, a sharp rise in temperature caused the fire. Last year, no particular problems were detected on the vehicles, as Rebellion technicians had previously detected the fault and rectified it. This year, the team suspects that a shock may have caused an oil leak near the rear of the engine. The excess heat would have caused the fire.

Dakar 2022

Nasser Al-Attiyah © Rebellion Watches

Alexandre Pesci: “After this incident, my first thoughts go to the entire Rebellion team and particularly to Romain Dumas, whose unfailing investment has been reduced to nothing. I cannot express my gratitude and my deepest respect for the initiative of Romain, who immediately asked me to get behind the wheel of his vehicle so that I could pursue the dream that the Dakar is for me. And what about the gesture of our ambassador, Nasser Al Attiyah! He has everything I did everything possible to repatriate and prepare his Toyota. My adventure continues thanks to incredible solidarity! It’s the Dakar spirit, it’s the Rebellion spirit!

Nasser Al Attiyah: “When I heard the story of Alexander’s car fire, I was more than happy to help by providing my winning car which won the World Rally Cup All -Field. It’s a story of family and friendship. It’s important that Romain and “Alexandre can take the start of the competition. We work very hard between each Dakar to train and be ready. When an event like this happens, everyone pulls together. I have a special relationship with Rebellion and I wish the team a lot of success in this edition.” . I am very happy to have been able to help.

Romain Dumas: “After a not so easy start to the Dakar, everything is back to normal little by little. We are going to present the two cars to the administrative scrutineering. We hope that the next few days will be calmer and dedicated to racing. The goal of being at the start is the priority. The ball is in our court. You have to stay focused and go as far as possible. I warmly thank the generosity of Nasser who put his car at my disposal.”