Discover the most luxurious and exclusive timepieces in the world thanks to “The Watch Meister”.

The Watch Meister, as the name suggests, is the master in delivering the best luxury watches from the heart of Dubai. Created in 2020, The Watch Meister has become the first name of many celebrities and influencers. The range of collections in the same gives an awesome feeling to everyone, especially watch lovers and collectors. It owns all the biggest brands and collections of timepieces. Brands ranging from Richard Mille, Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

Riz Ahmed created The Watch Meister in November 2020. He operates out of Dubai and Hong Kong. It quickly became the most sought-after brand among watch collectors. Being himself a collector of luxury watches, Riz Ahmed wanted to introduce everyone to the magnificent works of art of the best watchmakers. The elegant design, the elegant facet, the specialized assembly of the dial and the perfect finishing techniques make these watches of exceptional quality.

Riz Ahmed’s vision of offering branded exotic timepieces prompted him to launch the “The Watch Meister” initiative. His clients call him The Watch Meister for his knowledge and penchant for luxury watches. It all started with his passion for watches. His penchant for and love for luxury timepieces led him to the field of watchmaking. This is how we tend to witness the magnificent artistic watches of “The Watch Meister”.

A perfect look is incomplete without a timepiece on the wrist. A watch is not just an ornament or a time management tool. It is something beyond; it is an investment. The watch you wear can reveal your personality to others. The brand, the model, the design have a tone to talk about you. So choose your watch wisely, and with “The Watch Meister” you can find all the top luxury watch brands you want.


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