Rob Yong to restart UK poker championships, asks for advice

The final step in removing COVID-19 restrictions may not take place on June 21 as planned, but Rob Yong is still waiting for better days.

Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong wants players to shape the return of the UK Poker Championships (UKPC) tour. (Image: Partypoker Live)

Dusk owner Till Dawn is asking his Twitter followers to help shape the UK Poker Championships (UKPC), which have been on hiatus since 2018. Now Yong is set to relaunch the mid-stake tour as the UK comes out of the lock.

The Partypoker adviser launched the appeal to his followers over the weekend and Dusk Till Dawn’s director of live poker Simone Trumper will use the comments received from Twitter to help create a new UKPC program.

UK Poker Championships to offer something for everyone

The initial plan is to organize a series of main events across the UK. Buy-ins will most likely be £ 500, and there will be a £ 1,000 end-of-season finale at Dusk Till Dawn. Although Yong has not confirmed it on Twitter, Partypoker will likely be involved in the tour.

During the last nine days of the UKPC Festival at Dusk Till Dawn, Partypoker has helped organize a variety of events, including a £ 220 opener and a £ 5,500 super high roller. Despite Party’s recent involvement, Yong says he’s open to working with one of the UK’s main operators. From Genting to Aspers, he says, the goal is to make the UKPC bigger and better.

People across the UK haven’t been able to play live tournaments for almost 18 months. With the end of all restrictions on the horizon, Yong wants to put on a tour that everyone can enjoy.

So far, suggestions have poured in. The Hippodrome and the Aspers, both located in London, were presented as places of welcome. Players have also requested that there be at least one event in Scotland and / or Wales. And, as expected, UK poker hotspots such as Blackpool, Newcastle, Brighton and Sheffield have all been added to the mix.

All roads lead to Dusk Till Dawn

We are also talking about potential redemptions. Although Yong put forward a figure of £ 500, he is not stuck on that price. Twitter user Karma Dope suggested £ 330 as a compromise between a low and medium bet buy-in. He would also like the winner of each main event to get a free seat for the UKPC Grand Final.

The nuances of the upcoming UK Poker Championships will take time to work out. However, what Yong’s Twitter feed demonstrates is the desire of UK poker players to get out and play. Online activity has increased during the pandemic. But even with Partypoker, GGPoker, and PokerStars all offering mega-prize pools, there is one aspect of live poker that cannot be replicated.

There are still hurdles to overcome before the UK resumes its normal activities, but the winds of change are starting to blow. Grosvenor announced the return of his popular GUKPT on Monday, and now Yong is planning a player-led UKPC. It may have taken longer than anyone could have anticipated, but it looks like the UK live tournament scene is on the verge of a much-appreciated comeback.

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