Samsung files patent for roll-up watch with camera

Samsung has filed a patent for a two-piece Galaxy Watch display that users can expand to create more screen space, according to documents filed in June with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) that were first spotted by the Dutch blog. LetsGoDigital.

At first glance, the design of the watch looks like a typical round dial watch; However, by pressing down on the crown, the wearer will be able to expand the screen into an oval shape that appears approximately 40% larger.

In addition to the standard time and information displays, Samsung seems to believe that its roll-up watch design will become a suitable interface for visual media consumption. In one drawing, a user appears to be watching Marvel’s Thor on the new watch design, according to The edge.

The new design is also equipped with a camera, which appears to be located in the center of the watch, capable of taking photos and recording videos. Users could simply open the screen to activate the camera.

Samsung’s roll-up smartwatch won’t arrive in 2022 as the Galaxy Watch 5, and there is currently no indication of when this design, or something similar, could go into production.

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