Setting Google Assistant timers on smart screens is pretty flawed right now

Google Assistant usually knows how to handle things when you ask it to set a timer. In the last couple of days, however, he hasn’t been able to do this from your smart screen.

Several Android Police publishers report that they were unable to request a timer from the Google Assistant on their Nest Hub displays.


Previously, it seemed like the wizard recognized the “set timer” command, processed it, but couldn’t complete the task. At one point, Assistant started just redirecting users to other requests as shown above.

And it wasn’t just us – Digital Trends’ Phil Nickinson got into this mess as well, although he was able to start the stopwatch by pressing another prompt.


Asked for comment, a Google spokesperson told us the company is aware of the problem and “is working on an immediate solution.”

At least we know this isn’t intentional behavior, unlike Google’s decision to limit who we can call with our smart screens.

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